Top Benefits of VPS Hosting

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Virtual Private Server Hosting often abbreviated VPS hosting works as a bridge between dedicated server hosting and shared server hosting. Typically, the primary server is segregated into different private servers, and every VPS hosting has its individual operating system and own resources and functions as a complete server.

Top Benefits

Overall, the benefits can be summed as affordability, full control, reliability, better performance, guaranteed resources and security. These are explained in detail below.

1. Full Control

VPS hosting offers complete root access and control to a user. You can therefore configure the operating systems as you wish, install your preferred software and control panel and do anything you wish to configure and manage your server with no restrictions. You can also tweak the server to enhance its performance, and install custom scripts and apps to run your sites. A shared hosting package does not provide such a level of control.

2. Guaranteed Server Resources

VPS provides guaranteed resources to every website. Each hosting plan has its own CPU, IP, RAM, data transfer, storage and other server resources. Your site cannot be affected by the neighbouring site.

3. Better Performance

In a shared hosting plan, users share available resources on one server which leads to decreased hosting performance. But with guaranteed server resources, VPS hosting offers better performance. The hosted sites are powered by adequate CPU and disk space resources hence run well at all times. Moreover, with the total root access, a user can customize the server to enhance the hosting performance.

4. Better Reliability and Security

VPS hosting is safer than shared server hosting since it is possible to install custom and strict firewalls. Shared hosting is generally risky because of the neighboured sites because when one site is affected by a security threat, the other sites on the server receive serious threads. VPS hosting completely eliminates this risk. It allows a user to strictly test their code and configure custom settings to filter traffic thus preventing the site from neighbour hacks or attacks.

Each VPS hosting plan has its own private mail server with a unique IP address. Your mail service will therefore not be blacklisted because of the abuses by other users sharing one mail service.

5. Affordability

A dedicated server gives all the above benefits except affordability. With resources that can match to a dedicated server, virtual private server hosting is the most cost effective option for small and medium scale enterprise sites that need many resources but face budget constraints.

In general, VPS hosting has similar functions and features with shared server hosting but comes with more benefits over shared hosting. It is ideal for websites that have outstretched the resources in a shared hosting package. Besides, it is more affordable than a dedicated server, offering numerous strategic advantages especially to small and medium size enterprises.

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