Google Cash Money System Review - Is the Google Cash E-Book by Chris Carpenter a Scam?

Posted by admin on May 18 2009 | 15 views | E-Books

The Google Cash Money System is a new cash-generating program to the Internet marketing world. According to the makers, it is not just your typical e-book or system that will regurgitate common marketing knowledge but something that can help anyone to make money online.

Google Cash Money System, is an 87-page e-book created by Chris Carpenter. It is a way for a person to harness the power of the Google network for their own personal financial gains. A person can sign up for $10 to start out with and according to the author, start making money within 15 minutes.

What the Google Cash System Does:

According to Chris Carpenter, Google Cash teaches how to locate the most profitable affiliate programs with the least competition. It also claims to show how to find the cheapest distribution, use Google AdSense, and create compelling and effective advertisements.

Work Required:

The work needed to put into the Google Cash Money System is not difficult, but could be considered tedious by some. It is basically data entry and does not require advanced computer or marketing knowledge, although to really excel at this, those skills would definitely provide an advantage. The Google cash system does not teach those skills, however, so they would need to be acquired elsewhere.


From what I can see, the Google Cash System is not a scam or hoax, but could provide a tangible option for someone looking for a simple program to generate some money online. But if you are looking for more than that and really want a way to build and brand both yourself and a profitable online business with a more substantial income potential, I would strongly recommend continuing your search for an online business that provides all the training and tools necessary for both online marketing and financial success on a much larger scale!

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