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Online Traffic - New Trends, New Tactics, New Tricks - Some Things Never Change

Posted by admin on Mar 03 2009 | Traffic Building

Every website owner is constantly on the look-out for ways to attract more traffic to their site. There are hundreds of self-proclaimed Internet Gurus out there just waiting to take your money for the newest trends, tactics, and tricks all proclaiming to get you traffic and make you money overnight. Here’s a few points to help you understand the REAL attraction factor and help you determine whether the newest stuff from all the “Internet gurus” might work for your site to increase your online traffic.

From traditional static sites to Social Marketing to Web 3.0 there are still a few basics you must keep in mind no matter where you do your marketing. Keeping the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) formula in mind with every marketing piece you create will definitely help your cause. Most importantly is the first A of the AIDA principle….

ATTENTION. You must attract Attention. There are basically two ingredients necessary to attract attention.

You must attract Attention. There are basically two ingredients necessary to attract attention.

1) The information you use to attract the attention must hit the emotional “hot buttons” of your target online traffic (your niche). The ad copy you use must boldly get the attention of your niche market and it must leave them wanting more. More of what? That depends on your target market.

You or the copywriter you hire must get to know your target market just like you’d know your best friend. What keeps them up at night? What are their greatest fears, needs, and desires?

One the emotional profile of your traffic has been determined, then simply turn the features/benefits of your product or service into the answer to their fears, needs, and desires. People online are mainly searching for one thing….What’s In It for Me? Provide a real answer to that question and you’ll see results.

2) Once you’ve created the copy you’ll use to promote your site, that copy must be displayed in enough different places on the web to get the traffic you need. There are basically seven ways to drive the traffic to your website. They are e-mail, text ads, banners, co-registration, affiliate networks, pop-ups, and interstitials. Use these seven ways enough and guess what? You’ll get traffic.

Does this take time? YES. Does this cost money? YES. Can concentrating on your potential buyer more than your products/services help you make more than you invest? YES.

There are some great tools available to help you market your website. As you evaluate each, just remember….some things never change…..Attract Attentions by focusing your ad copy on your market’s emotional “hot buttons” desires, fears, needs. Place that copy in enough places, enough times, and your website traffic will increase…so will your profits.

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How to Get More Website Traffic Hits Free

Posted by admin on Mar 02 2009 | Traffic Building

Getting traffic to your website for free is a challenge to say the least. You need to be very patient and ensure you put some work into making it work for you. This means ensuring your site is optimized for search engines and that you add content daily. This will ensure you grow your site and sites that have been online for longer tend to get better results.

Work hard to build your site as adding content all the time builds your results. This is a long term project so spend the time building it up everyday and eventually you will get good results.

There are plenty of free ways to get traffic to your website. Firstly, make sure you apply good SEO practices. Then create backlinks through posting comments on blogs and even more backlinks through your signature in forums in your niche.

Also, you can exchange links with webmasters. This is really effective in getting people to your site. Someone may receive a good amount of traffic, and both of you will receive benefits by linking to each others site.

The key to getting lots of traffic for free is having your link in many places. This means pasting it on many other people’s websites. Spend the time doing this everyday and slowly you will see your website traffic increase. You can do this through the methods mentioned above or through buying text links.

However there is one way of getting a lot of free targeted website traffic. This method is used by all the professionals and drives targeted website traffic to your site everyday.

If you are looking to Increase Website Traffic I can show you the only method that actually gets results. This method is very effective in getting a boost of traffic to your website and if you implement it you will see dramatic results.

If you are serious about getting free traffic to your website you need to consider this technique. If you continue doing what you are doing, your results will be the same which are no doubt, terrible. If you want to change your business online and actually start making money you need traffic. No traffic means no profits.

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The Only Way to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

Posted by admin on Mar 01 2009 | Traffic Building

Really, there are not many free ways of getting traffic to your website. Most of the methods are very ineffective in driving much traffic. Expect the bare minimum when applying all of the free traffic generation methods you find online.

You may spend 3 or 4 hours trying to push traffic to your website only to discover that your efforts have only achieved 3 or 4 new visitors. This is a poor result for the amount of effort you have put in.

The key to success is to measure your results. That is, test everything you do. Ensure you have a tracker on your site so you can see where the visitors are coming from. This makes a big difference as you can then apply your efforts in the same place over and over again.

If you are serious about getting website traffic that is targeted and ready to buy, then concentrate on your niche. This is the best place to get results. You want to be able to sell to your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site, so ensure you have created a great landing page or even just a great website so that they will hang around.

There is one way of generating website traffic that is very effective and something that you can apply over and over again to get maximum results. If you are serious about your website and making a profit online then you need to consider this method. It will be the best move you have ever made.

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Yahoo Answers - The Free Traffic Machine

Posted by admin on Feb 28 2009 | Traffic Building

If you are looking for a free, easy and guaranteed method of sending an unlimited number of visitors to your website or blog, then Yahoo Answers is an incredibly useful resource you should be tapping into. That said, you need to know how to go about it to avoid being banned as a spammer.

If you are looking for a free, easy and guaranteed method of sending an unlimited number of visitors to your website or blog, then Yahoo Answers is an incredibly useful resource you should be tapping into. That said, you need to know how to go about it to avoid being banned as a spammer.

Hundreds of Internet Marketers are using the following techniques to send traffic to their offers on command without being banned! The best part is that Yahoo Answers is entirely free to use and you can begin to see results instantly if you use the site smartly!

How do you avoid the newbie mistakes that cause the dreaded Yahoo Account Suspension?

1) Don’t blast Yahoo Answers with a bunch of answers everyday.

One or two answers a day in different topics is the way to go. This go-slow method will prevent you from looking like a spammer and getting reported by members of the Yahoo community.

2) Give good answers.

Take some time to do your research before answering. Yahoo community users will reject you when they realize you are shooting-from-the-lip rather than answering with some helpful information. Anyone can give an opinion but the “Best Answer” designation usually goes to those who provide real help to the questioner.

Believe me, the more “Best Answer” designations you get, the more traffic you’ll drive to your offers. Having best answers elevates you in the eyes of the community as someone who is truly there to help.

3) Use multiple email accounts.

Use a different email address for each topic you intend to use for promoting your offers. This tactic is to protect yourself should you get the dreaded Yahoo Account Suspension. In this case, only the offending answer in a particular topic will get that email account banned. Your other accounts will remain active.

It might take you several tries and extensive testing before you find a method that you are comfortable with, a method that virtually guarantees consistent results and avoids Yahoo Account suspension. Trust me on this, I should know. I was suspended by Yahoo Answers twice because I made some newbie mistakes. When they ban you, they never tell you why you are suspended or how to fix it and there is No Appeal! Once you are suspended, you are done with that particular account forever!

By the way, I stopped getting suspended once I applied these techniques, and others, to my marketing.

I use Yahoo Answers to promote my 35 blogs and websites by quickly finding the right Questions to answer. Am I an expert in every topic? No! I just know how to find the information to answer the questions and drive hundreds of new visitors within hours to any given blog or website I choose.

For example, my three favorite information sites are:,, and You can find information on just about any topic at those sites. Just choose something from the articles that would make a good answer, rewrite it. Use only two or three sentences, in your own words, and post it.

Never use the information as you find it on these sites. You must rewrite to avoid copyright issues. Rewriting information for good answers is really easy to do. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic. The idea is to give just enough information to drive that traffic to your offer.

Besides making money, I like helping people. Yahoo Answers allows me to easily do both. I simply find a Question and give a three to five sentence answer that leads to more information at any blog or website of my choosing where my products solve their problem.

One answer, consisting of three simple sentences, got 145 new visitors to one of my blogs in about an hour! Amazing!

If you can type, you can take control of your traffic using the Yahoo! Answers community. People post questions every minute of every day and by simply answering these questions briefly and directing them to your more detailed solution you will immediately see how effective this marketing technique can be.

No products of your own to offer? That’s not a problem. You can still make money as an affiliate selling other people’s products. The Clickbank Marketplace has tons of great products you can sell.

It’s a simple strategy: Help people and help yourself!

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The “Give Me More Traffic Now” Article Set - Number 1 of 11

Posted by admin on Feb 26 2009 | Traffic Building

Well here we go friend, this will be a beautiful journey through eleven articles that absolutely unload and dump a wealth of information, ideas and resources DIRECTLY into your lap. At which point, you must decide which ones you feel are worth embracing, and which are not. These are all tried and true methods for generating more traffic, getting more links, and getting more love from the search engines. So without further ado, let the show begin.

You can write and or exchange guest posts. If your website(s), blog(s), and or forum(s) are targeted effectively, you will get nice increases by publishing and exchanging guest posts. This can be done with content relevant web sites, blogs, and forums.

Another thing you could do very quickly, (This one takes seconds to do), is to change your page title and meta descriptions for the most important pages of your site if not all. If I am the first person who told you to do this, then it should be the first thing you do upon finishing reading this article. You should be evolving simultaneously with your web presence goals, and the content that they are commanding. Search engines still consider your “title tags” relevant, and it is quickly becoming one of the only “on page” optimization factors that are still utilized. Update your keywords, and page description often as well. I am not talking daily either, I mean 2 to 6 times annually is the range you should be evolving within.

If you are anything like my self, you are all over your own search engine marketing efforts and optimization. There are just as many of us though, (and you know who you are), that either do not set aside the time, or do not take part in these areas. If that is you, then you need to get MORE INVOLVED. Search engine optimization or “SEO”, is like a new born baby, that never grows, or gains a real ability to feed, change, and clean it self. SEO means you have a baby, and you better be a good parent, otherwise only horrible possibilities can transpire.

If you grew up in a smaller town, or ever attended a high school, then you know very well what a reputation can do for or to you. All of your SEO tactics and efforts, link building, and search marketing, is actively creating your reputation with the search engines, so make it easy on your self, and start out with a good one, and make it great.

As always, let me extend my gratitude to you friend. You taking time to improve, and have an active interest in blooming your success, is highly admirable. This set will get better and better with each article, so come back when you are able.

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Easily Get More Website Traffic

Posted by admin on Feb 25 2009 | Traffic Building

In today’s society it isn’t always easy to get more website traffic, but it can be done and isn’t that difficult if you do it regularly. Be Consistent.

Anyone can get more traffic to their websites, but are these visitors buyers or lookers? You want to target those buyers not the lookers.

You can easily get more website traffic if you follow through with your marketing and diligently do your homework.

Make sure that your keywords are in place within your website and you are targeting the buyers in your market. Go to Google search engine and type in your keyword that relates to your product and see how many other websites are up there. How are they using that keyword to get more traffic.

Everyday you need to be doing at least 5 things to generate traffic, doing this will ensure you get more traffic to your website. Setup a schedule you can follow that you can follow and doesn’t take any more than one or two hours to accomplish.

You should have a detailed list of what you are going to do every single day to generate more website traffic and follow it.

By doing this you will ensure that your website will get more traffic and you will get more visitors, which of course means more sign ups and more sales.

You don’t always have to keep changing around your website or sales pages to generated more traffic, sometimes all it takes is adding one or two more traffic methods into your schedule to see more website traffic come in.

Test and tweaking is good and should always be done, but make sure you are tweaking the right things and not the wrong things. Some people change their websites around way too much and not concentrate on exactly where and how their website traffic is coming and miss the opportunity to increase that traffic by just doing a little bit more.

It’s easy to get more website traffic when you have the steps in place and you follow them daily, missing this step can cause you website traffic instead of increasing your website traffic.

Some ideas to get you started on getting daily traffic is to write and submit articles, post intelligent and responsive responses in forums and blogs, paid advertising, and submitting classified ads in ezines.

All these steps can and will start you to getting more website traffic easily and quickly.

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What Can Cheap Website Promotion Do For You?

Posted by admin on Feb 24 2009 | Traffic Building

Cheap website promotion can really pay off, if you have someone on your side who knows what they are doing. Whether you are a new company or an established company expanding into a new area, you can get the word out there and make your virtual presence known without busting your budget.

Yes, there are established companies that throw thousands of dollars to buy traffic and other huge advertising campaigns, and they get big results. This may be something you consider doing down the line at some point, but it is not necessary right now. There is a lot that can be gained from cheap website promotion, as long as you choose a company that is experienced and knowledgeable so that what you do spend goes in the best direction for your business.

If you are looking to drive traffic to your site and increase sales, then you could consider buying untargeted website traffic and pop-unders. Untargeted traffic may not be as effective as targeted traffic, but it can usually be purchased for less and will bring you more traffic than you are currently receiving. Pop unders are a great way to get your business name in front of a large number of potential customers so that you are heard of and talked about.

Half the battle for a new online business is just letting the world know they even exist. The internet is a huge place that expands the globe, and in order to tap into all of the potential that comes with that, you need cheap website promotion on your side.

If you are already established but want to get the word out about a new product line, new services, or maybe a special campaign, then cheap website promotion is the best bang for just a few bucks. Not every marketing campaign needs to cost thousands of dollars. You can get started and stick to your budget.

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Drive Increased Traffic to Your Website For Free

Posted by admin on Feb 23 2009 | Traffic Building

There are scores of websites out there on the Internet who claim they can get you increased traffic for a certain fee, which is usually quite expensive. But, did you know that you also could easily adopt the same techniques as those traffic “gurus” and get your extra traffic without spending a dime? Yes, it will take time and some work from your side, but it is worth the effort. Here are some methods of increasing your website traffic:

Firstly, content is king. If you keep uploading quality content on your website, its popularity will grow and visitors will keep coming back for more - and they might ask their friends to check out your website too. Your content must be keyword-optimized and you must make it a point to ensure that your website is found on the first search results page when the relevant keywords are searched for. Needless to say, the keywords you employ in your content must be relevant to your website.

There are a whole lot of websites that publish well-written articles; they allow these articles to carry a resource box that talks about you and a links back to your website at the end of each article. Even reprint directories accept articles, and you must submit articles to such sites and then other website publishers may pick up these articles and reprint them on their website, increasing the amount of websites that link back to you. Along with your website, you can publish a blog that carries snippets of the latest and exciting stuff happening at your website. Place a link back to your website after each snippet and this too will increase your back links. This exercise will increase your PageRank (PR) with the Google search engine.

Apart from maintaining a blog, you must post information on relevant forums. Forums are visited by people really interested in a particular topic, and if you come across a forum whose theme and content fits perfectly with your website, then you must make it a point to post on it. As in articles and blog entries, always create a link back to your site in your forum signature. This move, like the ones above, will increase back links to your site.

If your website keeps updating information regularly, then you must consider publishing a newsletter or an e-magazine. If you are regular in mailing your newsletter to your subscribers, you will automatically increase traffic by making them come back to your website for more information.

If you can afford it, then you must sponsor a free e-book or a special course for your visitors and their friends. Firstly, people love freebies, and if what you are offering has some solid informational value, then you will get loads of traffic at a very low cost, much lesser than what you were going to pay the so-called traffic experts.

Lastly, if you are selling a product or if your website generates revenue by giving out information, then you must start an affiliate program. Affiliates take your code and put it up on their website and it is your content that is displayed on their website. You can access your affiliates’ visitors by sharing a part of your revenue with them (the affiliates).

These are some of the methods you can adopt to increase your website traffic for free.

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Get More Hits to Your Website Free

Posted by admin on Feb 22 2009 | Traffic Building

Getting hits to your website for free takes significant work. Basically, you need to get your website link on as many relevant websites as you can. So how do you go about doing this? One link at a time. Yes, that is correct - posting one link at a time in blogs, forums or any other type of website where you can add relevant content and post your link.

OK, this is not for everyone, as it takes a lot of work. But, if you are the type of person who is serious about your website and you really want to be a success online, then you need to take note of this and apply yourself everyday.

If you are the lazy type, then this is not going to work for you as it take significant commitment and dedication everyday to apply yourself and post as many backlinks as you possible can on several thousand websites.

The good news is, if you find a relatively unsaturated market, it can be quite easy to get to the number one position on Google for certain keywords. All you really need to do is find the niche you are interested in that is not saturated. This would mean that there are limited results in Google when you search on the term.

Then all you need to do is buy a domain with your keywords in it and then create a website. Add a lot of content to it, generate some backlinks and drive some traffic to it using the best free methods online and before you know it you will be receiving significant traffic.

There are numerous ways to get free traffic, but some of these work much better than others. Really, if you are serious about your online website and need traffic consistently everyday for the long term then you must check out this method. This will get more hits to your website free, guaranteed.

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How to Dominate a Niche in Record Time Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

Posted by admin on Feb 21 2009 | Traffic Building

Want to know the truth about RAPIDLY dominating a new niche with amazing and expeditious ease? Of course you do….or you wouldn’t be reading this article, right? The simple truth is that HE (or she..:-) who get the MOST content, the most incoming links and the most targeted traffic is ALWAYS going to own a niche in a hurry.

But isn’t that an OVERSIMPLIFIED statement of the obvious?

Well…yes, and no. No one I know creates more content than I do when I go into a new market. I spend NO money on PPC ordinarily, and I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of FREE hits using simple article submissions for example. These build up BODACIOUS incoming links in a hurry, you CAN control the type and quality of the text that’s pointing in (very important and often OUT of your control with other popular methods - i.e. - link baiting, etc) you can drive THOUSANDS of targeted leads often OVERNIGHT and your content will spread virally to boot.

Actually just ENUMERATING the cacophony of benefits that article marketing offers makes me excited.

And that’s probably not saying much about my overall wellness and state of mind these days, but that’s not the point of this article. The point of the article is that these are NOT some esoteric set of ideas that you need to buy from some guy with a bad haircut who calls himself a “guru” and has one hand in your wallet before you even open your email. These are REAL strategies that ordinary people like you and I employ on a daily basis to explode our presence OUT of the gate in ANY new niche we choose.I DON’T worry about the Google slap, I DON’T worry about having to cross promote other peoples products in a incestuous, and unethical way, and I don’t need ANYTHING other than my unusually astute intellect and a working keyboard to make it happen. And the good news, is…..neither do you!

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