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Kindle 2 Review - It Does More Than a Cheap Electronic Book

Posted by admin on May 23 2009 | E-Books

Do you wish to have all of your books compressed to only 1/3rd of an inch? What with all the hype, we decided it would be a good idea to do our own Kindle 2 review.

Kindle 2, with its sleek design, is just right for you. Kindle 2, launched by Amazon, has wonderful features. It is fast, light, sleek, wireless etc. Its advantages over Kindle 1 are: a good battery, fast turning of pages and better display with larger memory.

To start with this Kindle 2 review seems good.

Amazons Kindle 2 has been a boom to digital distribution of books thanks to all its excellent features and affordable and competitive selection against other electronic media. Autobiographies, stock market manuals, mysteries, science-fiction, romance, top sellers, and anything else can be obtained for your kindle for a cheap cost. The new improved Kindle provides innovative features that include an upgraded electronic-ink display capable of displaying 16 wide shades of gray, fully adjustable text size, and faster screen refresh as well as adding the text to speech conversion feature that provides that “Read it out to me” factor to the presentation. Kindle 2 has not only received excellent reviews from product reviewers but also from users. No Wi-Fi necessary to download and no monthly bills for usage. Wikipedia is also accessible. In addition, it includes a built-in dictionary reference and library back-up feature for the volumes bought. Once again, not just a cheap electronic book.

The new Kindle 2 has been made to fit in your palm with its slim weight and more consumer friendly setup and use. Kindle’s battery is very long living and by charging once ,it works for days. It integrates a keyboard in itself which helps to bookmark and to annotate. If you are an avid reader or know someone else who is then this Kindle 2 is a good choice for you. This reviewer of Kindle 2 discovered that this super product boasting of all the new features can now be bought for $359, certainly a bargain considering what it is worth. Be sure to shop around because particular places will give you reimbursement and shipping at no cost. Another site with reviews and accessories for kindle is We suggest viewing that site before buying elsewhere, if you are interested in getting Kindle 2 at discount.

Though they have been some differences between kindle and kindle 2 this electronic book’s reviewer with its all new features has been such a good pick that its wait time has now increased to 4-6 weeks. If you use kindle, you will fall in love with reading. With kindle you will be lost in author’s world, making it more joy full to read books. Kindle electronic reader, power adapter, and USB 2.0 cables are found inside the box. You will have to purchase optional accessories like cases. Apart from that Amazon also offers 2 year extended warranty at extra cost.

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How to Launch an EBook Publishing Business Overnight With a Small Budget

Posted by admin on May 22 2009 | E-Books

Let me outline what you’ll need to get started. You will need a word processing program. This is necessary to create your eBooks. There are free and paid versions of word processing programs, but both will typically get the job done. You will need a website. That means purchasing a domain name, and getting yourself a hosting account. Nowadays this is very easy and inexpensive to do. I’ve got a list of great places where you can get both hosting and a domain name very cheaply. You’re going to need a way to create a simple web page. This sound a lot harder and more complicated than it really is. There are tricks and tactics that I’m familiar with that allow virtually anyone to get a simple web page on the Internet without having to spend weeks learning technical stuff. You will also need a payment processing system. That’s a fancy way of saying you’ll need a way for people to be able to give you money in exchange for the eBook that they’re buying from you. So far, so good? Those are the raw ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll do next. First you’ll find people who are looking for a solution to a problem. You will check to see if there are people making money selling information to these people. Some topics to consider are health, nutrition, and dieting. People are always looking for - and paying for - advice and information as it relates to the aforementioned topics. There are lots of others. Be creative, think about what some of your own needs and problems might be. Second, you’ll create an eBook that solves someone problem or at the very least provides them with a viable solution to a perceived problem. This is easier than you might realize because by studying the table of contents of books that have already been written about the subject you will have a decent outline of what you will want to talk about within the pages of the eBook itself. If this is your first eBook, make it short and to the point. Between 40 and 60 pages in length, maximum. Third, you’ll create a simple web page that basically tells prospective customers what you’ve got, what it will do for them, and how they can buy what you’re selling. Focus on the benefits. Finally, you will send targeted traffic to your web page. The result is that you’ll make money.

Naturally there’s only so much that can be covered in a single article. But now you know how easy it is to get started in the information publishing business. Here’s a little bonus tip: always sell what’s already selling. That means looking at what seems to be popular and selling well, and then selling similar information to the same buyers. In many markets, people buy multiple products about a particular topic or subject. Just ask anyone who is interested in dieting and weight loss. Odds are they have an entire bookshelf full of information about how to lose weight.

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Amazon Kindle How-To Series - Convert Free E-Books to Kindle Books

Posted by admin on May 21 2009 | E-Books

While the Kindle wireless reading device lets you carry literally hundreds of e-books, newspapers, and magazines anywhere you go, your Kindle is actually pretty picky about the types of documents it will let you read. Free e-books, articles, white papers, and other documents you might wish to read on your Kindle are everywhere on the Internet. The problem is that they are not in a format that is “Kindle-friendly.”

The Kindle “naively” supports the following document formats -

Kindle documents (.azw)

Text documents (.txt)

Mobi Reader documents (.mobi or .prc)

But, if you have a document you wish to read on your Kindle that is in another format - for example = a free e-book that is an Adobe Reader (.pdf) file or a Microsoft Word (.doc) file then you have to convert it to the proper format for use on your Kindle. Fortunately this is not something that is hard to do.

Amazon has a service for which they charge a nominal amount allowing you to convert documents such as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) files to Kindle files. To do this you must first have an active Kindle e-mail address. You can make sure you are set-up with a Kindle e-mail address by visiting the “Manage Your Kindle” section of the Amazon web site. Typically, your Kindle e-mail address will be “”.

1. Make sure the document you want to convert is in one of the following formats

Microsoft Word (.doc)

HTML (.html)

Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf)

2. Check to be sure the file is not “protected.” This can occur with e-books you have purchased with DRM (digital rights management) restrictions. You also might have documents that include passwords or other means to restrict access. You will not be able to convert these files.

3. Create an e-mail to your Kindle e-mail address and attach the file you wish to read on your Kindle.

4. Send the e-mail - Amazon will convert the document and send it to your Kindle via the wireless connection.

5. The cost for this service is $.10 (ten cents) per document.

If you want to convert your document at no charge, or are in an area where you cannot access the Kindle’s wireless service you can do so with a slight change in the steps above.

Rather than send the e-mail with the attached document to your Kindle e-mail address send it to “”. Amazon will convert the document and send it back to the originating e-mail address. When you get the e-mail back from Amazon you can transfer the document to your Kindle using the USB cable connected to your computer.

It’s as simple as that!

A few important things to remember. First, as stated above, if the files you wish to convert have any sort of DRM (digital rights management) restrictions then the file won’t be converted. Also - this is an “experimental” service for Amazon. Documents with complex formatting, or certain .pdf files, may not convert as expected. While this may not prevent you from reading the document, it will make it a bit more difficult to navigate through and around your e-book.

Congratulations! Now you know how you can quickly convert e-books in Microsoft Word, HTML, and Adobe Acrobat Reader format to “Kindle-friendly” e-books. This process can help you add a lot of great content to your Kindle wireless reading device.

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How to Create an E-Book in PDF Format - That Has Clickable Links

Posted by admin on May 20 2009 | E-Books

Creating an e-book in PDF format with clickable links in it, may seem very basic to some people. But most people especially newcomers in e-book writing usually find it difficult to transform their e-books that contain clickable links, into to PDF files, with the links being clickable even in PDF format. I am writing this article because I had a very difficult time creating clickable links for my first PDF e-book. I read allover the internet but people had just written the most difficult ways of doing it. They neglected the very basic method, which I found out by myself and it is what I want to share with you in this article.

It is quite easy to transform any word document into PDF, there are many websites that can do that for you for absolutely no cost. The biggest challenge though for beginners in e-book writing is always to create clickable links in their PDF document.

The answer to this question is quite simple and easy to implement. All you have to do is follow the simple steps I’ve outlined below.

Step 1
Create your document in Microsoft word and edit it to your satisfaction.

Step 2
Still in Microsoft word, insert all your links by using the “insert hyperlink” tool. The insert hyperlink icon is almost like a globe. If is found on one of the Microsoft word tool bars.

To insert a hyperlink in Microsoft word, just highlight the text you want to use as anchor text, then click on the insert hyperlink icon, and enter the URL address of the website you want to link to.

Repeat the same process with all the links you want to be clickable on your PDF document.

Step 3
When you’ve finished inserting the hyperlinks in your word document, all you need to do is transform your word document to a PDF file, you may use this link: to freely transform your file to PDF

After the document is successfully¬† transformed, you’ll notice that your links are clickable, and will link to the website addresses you specified when inserting the hyperlinks in Microsoft word.

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How Do I Make My Own Ebook Cover?

Posted by admin on May 19 2009 | E-Books

If you have an eBook that you would like to sell, you probably already know that having a graphical image of your book dramatically increases sales. Potential buyers feel better about purchasing something that has the appearance of being tangible even though it is really just a file they will download.

Paying others to develop your eBook cover for you is expensive. Many of the software packages available that design cover graphics for you create covers that look very cheap. This can actually lead to a decrease in sales! The automatic creation of good-looking covers is a myth. To get a good, high-quality graphic, you are going to have to design one yourself with graphic software.

Once you decide to make your own eBook cover, you need to choose a graphic software package to use. Most professional graphic designers use Photoshop. But Photoshop is very expensive. For an excellent and free alternative, there is software called The GIMP. You can download the GIMP for free at

If you are making 2D cover images, you will open a new layer with the correct dimensions of a book cover, such as 500 width by 700 length. You can then continue to add layers of images and text, and apply a host of various effects to each. For example, you can make an image semi-transparent, and then put the text in front of it.

GIMP uses a concept called “Layers”. Think of layers as being a clear piece of plastic on which you place your image or text. You can have as many layers as you want, and arrange them in any order, so that some images can appear in front of others. Using Layers will allow you to continue to play with your image, manipulating it until your eBook cover looks just the way you want it. Then you can save your project as an image file, such as JPEG.

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Writing E-Books - 4 Ways to Find a Topic

Posted by admin on May 18 2009 | E-Books

The most important choice you’ll make about anything you write is choosing the topic. First we’re going to look at four ways to find a topic you want to write about. Then, as a bonus, we’ll take a look at the Evergreen concept.

The easiest way to find a topic is to look at what you do every day. Whether you’re a plumber, accountant or forest ranger, you have knowledge other people don’t. That makes your knowledge valuable.

You might think the knowledge for your profession is too routine or boring to be worth writing about. After all, who wants to know about working on an assembly line or being a mail clerk?

A recent search for “personal organization” showed 19.6 million related web pages. You can see how working on an assembly line or in a mail room require the person doing it to be well organized, and to pay attention to detail.

Sometimes it takes just a little imagination to see the knowledge you have that other people want, too. A similar place to find a topic to write about is what you do for recreation.

As you explore your own hobby, you may be surprised by how many variations exist. Let’s take riding a bike as an example.

You could write about how to have a picnic with bicycles. Do you live in an area with a lot of cycling trails? Are there trails through town and through the woods or countryside?

Lots of people want to put their bicycles on their car and explore another town by bike. This translates to writing about travel destinations, how to transport a bike, and even how to choose bikes and vehicle bike racks.

While you’re thinking about all the things you know from work or from pleasure, take a moment to think about some of the things you don’t know but want to. This is the third place to look for a topic to write about. As an example of how effective this can be, let me share the story of Jerry Buchanan’s first information product. It was about how to get rid of gophers.

Jerry Buchanan’s first information product was a result of his quest to get rid of the gophers that were destroying his gardens. He had a problem, but no solution. Jerry made his own solution by visiting other farmers and golf course groundskeepers who did have solutions. He interviewed experts.

When he had collected their answers, it occurred to Jerry that other people might have the same problem and be in need of the solutions he had found. That led to Jerry writing his first information product.

Do you think one or two of the things you’d like to know are popular enough for you to turn into an information product? Well, after we look at the fourth source for topics, I’ll show you how to find out. The fourth source for topics is writing about something that has been around for a while and putting a new twist on it. The best example of this might be the highly successful Chicken Soup series of books.

Motivational books and Thought-for-the-Day books have been around for years. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen developed the chicken Soup for the Soul phenomenon by writing in a new direction. Your new direction might be to collect and compile scattered bits of information that fill an information gap. Maybe you would like to write about the ten best sources for investment information. This could include newsletters, investment clubs, online trading, and traditional banking establishments.

The last thing to touch on is the Evergreen Concept.

Jerry Buchanan’s first topic was evergreen. Evergreen means that people will always want information about that topic. People still need to get rid of lawn vermin. A later product Jerry¬† produced, titled Profitable Self Publishing, is almost ideally evergreen. What makes a topic evergreen is its ongoing relevance to an audience through several generations. For example, everyone wants to know how to invest their money wisely, but investment advice changes because of new regulations, new investment products and changing market conditions.

That a topic is evergreen means you will have a lasting audience for your information products. Your audience will demand a supply of updated, current information. You can meet that demand, and increase your revenues, by supplying updated, expanded editions of your e-book.

Put it all together -¬† something you want to write about (from work, pastime or desire to know) with a good monthly keyword search volume and you’ll have a winning topic for your e-book. Finding a topic that’s evergreen will give you the gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Google Cash Money System Review - Is the Google Cash E-Book by Chris Carpenter a Scam?

Posted by admin on May 18 2009 | E-Books

The Google Cash Money System is a new cash-generating program to the Internet marketing world. According to the makers, it is not just your typical e-book or system that will regurgitate common marketing knowledge but something that can help anyone to make money online.

Google Cash Money System, is an 87-page e-book created by Chris Carpenter. It is a way for a person to harness the power of the Google network for their own personal financial gains. A person can sign up for $10 to start out with and according to the author, start making money within 15 minutes.

What the Google Cash System Does:

According to Chris Carpenter, Google Cash teaches how to locate the most profitable affiliate programs with the least competition. It also claims to show how to find the cheapest distribution, use Google AdSense, and create compelling and effective advertisements.

Work Required:

The work needed to put into the Google Cash Money System is not difficult, but could be considered tedious by some. It is basically data entry and does not require advanced computer or marketing knowledge, although to really excel at this, those skills would definitely provide an advantage. The Google cash system does not teach those skills, however, so they would need to be acquired elsewhere.


From what I can see, the Google Cash System is not a scam or hoax, but could provide a tangible option for someone looking for a simple program to generate some money online. But if you are looking for more than that and really want a way to build and brand both yourself and a profitable online business with a more substantial income potential, I would strongly recommend continuing your search for an online business that provides all the training and tools necessary for both online marketing and financial success on a much larger scale!

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Can You Make Extra Money Selling EBooks on the Internet?

Posted by admin on May 17 2009 | E-Books

These days, everyone is searching for a way to make some more money. Be it by working longer hours at work, getting a second job, or doing some work on the side. It’s not easy getting a boss to approve overtime. And let’s face it, having a second job can be emotionally and physically draining. We all need some time after work to relax. The last thing anyone wants is to have to quickly eat something while driving to a second job. It’s not fun, and it’s not healthy. So what’s the solution?

I’m biased. I really like the idea of having a little side business. Specifically, a side business that involves making money with eBooks. We’re talking about a business that you can literally start today, and that can have you making some extra money in less than a week - if you actually put a little bit of effort into it. One of the nice things about having this kind of business is that your boss and co-workers don’t have to know about it. That’s nice, because the last thing you need is a boss giving you a hard time about having some kind of side-venture. Hey, my attitude is that as long as you’re not directly competing against your employer, what you do on your own time is your business.

Getting starting is really easy, and you can pick and choose when you want to work. Having that flexibility is really nice, especially if you have a family or other commitments.

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Download Free Resellable EBooks

Posted by admin on May 16 2009 | E-Books

Most savvy Internet entrepreneurs realize that selling information products is possible the most profitable business online. This is frequently achieved by writing an ebooks or having one especially written. Now, making money will not be easy unless you have good writing skills and know how to market your ebooks. Free Resellable Packages now provide everything you need to get started.

There are ebooks sellers making thousands per month selling on eBay alone. It’s surprisingly easy to get started, and you don’t even need to write your own ebook to do it as you can get resellable ebooks free.

You can find thousands of resellable ebooks online, some are free and others offer packages for a fee. When you are starting out the biggest obstacle is finding a quality resellable ebooks at a reasonable price. You need to find resellable ebooks that offers information that other people need, but that isn’t readily available elsewhere. The most successful ebook resellers avoid using free ebooks because they offer little value to their customers who can easily find them elsewhere online.

Purchasing resellable ebooks for a low price along with the resale rights seems to be the way to go. It’s important to have resale rights if you intend to allow your customers to sell the ebooks themselves. You cannot legally sell other peoples ebooks with obtaining resell rights.

Ebooks are easy to sell on online, and can be very profitable with the right package. There are no restrictions on the number of time you can sell an ebook if you have resale rights, so there is to limit to the profit you can make also.

Get free access to over 100 quality ebooks and software with resell rights and get a complete step by step guide to get up and running and into profit in less than 1 week. Completely FREE.

Noel Hynes is publisher of Free Business eBooks a resources dedicated to helping individuals find the best free business ebooks online. For more information on Resellable eBooks visit Resellable eBooks

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Short Ebooks - Create Fast Info Products Which Sell

Posted by admin on May 15 2009 | E-Books

Ebooks sell well online, because people are hungry for information they can use right away. If you’d like to create ebooks and sell them but feel you don’t have time, short ebooks are the answer. You can create and start selling them within three days.

Here’s how.

1. Offer a Solution

When they buy an ebook, buyers want a solution to a problem they have right now. For example, someone who’s switching from a Windows computer to a Mac, wants to know basic information, and they’re willing to pay for it. They’re nervous: the machine is sitting in front of them.

2. What’s Your Expertise?

When considering solutions you could offer, consider your own expertise. Everyone’s an expert in something. Look at problems you’ve solved in the past.

For example, perhaps you learned how to get a fractious baby to sleep, conquered acne, or lost 50 pounds on a diet you created yourself. You could write short ebooks on all these solutions and sell them.

3. Write and Sell Within Three Days

Short ebooks are short, usually less than 20 pages, sometimes fewer than ten pages. Remember, your buyers want solutions. They don’t want to wade through 100 pages of waffle with a nugget of actionable information in the center — they just want the steps they can use to solve their problem, right now.

Therefore, confine your ebook to these elements:

* A brief description of the problem (one page)

* A step by step solution (up to 12 pages)

* A resource page for further information (one page)

Get your short ebook written, and convert the file to PDF.

Remember that you’re just offering a solution. You can include graphics, such as screen captures, if they’re necessary. If they’re not necessary, forget about them.

(In general, ebook cover graphics are unnecessary.)

4. Advertise Your Short Ebooks

Your final step is to write a sales page, and then advertise your short ebook. A long sales page is unnecessary; make it short and to the point. Describe the problem, and offer the solution to the problem — your ebook. Once your sales page is online, advertise your ebook. Pay Per Click advertising is the most efficient way to sell.

So there you have four steps to creating fast info products which sell. Get started today.

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