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10 Domain Name Tips That Can Make You Money Online

Posted by admin on Dec 31 2008 | Domain Names

When it comes to selecting the right sort of domain name for your business there are certain things which one needs to take into consideration first. If you are looking to be able to make money online with your domain name then you need something that will clearly distinguish you from your competitors. In this article we offer 10 domain name tips that can make you money online as you will have been able to select the one that is right for you.

Tip 1 - Along with choosing a keyword rich domain name it also has to be one that clearly reflects the service or product you are selling. For example if you are going to be offering detailed maps of Europe then a name such a should be used. Or if for example you are selling unusual cheeses then a name like is ideal.

Tip 2 - If you can by domain names that are either existing or which have expired. When it comes to getting ranked high in Google the older the domain the much higher they generally get ranked. When looking for a domain name select ones that are at least a year old. In order to check the domain including whether the page rank has been forged use something to do so.

Tip 3 - It is important that you choose a top level domain name (TLD). So ideally look for those that end in .com, .net, .info or .org. However, if you are trying to get domain names for a specific country say the UK then aim for those that end in

Tip 4 - Before you buy any TLD’s you need to ensure that they are currently available. There are plenty of online services that can assist you with this but they do charge a fee. However the fee is nominal and is worth paying if you don’t want to be faced with any problems concerning it in the future.

Tip 5 - When you do get round to purchasing your domain names go for a extended period of say around 10 years. Just as with the older domain names ones purchased for an extended period tend to rank higher in the pages of search engines like Google than those that have been brought for say a year.

Tip 6 - The domain names you select should be ones that are short and which visitors to your site will remember easily. These types of domain names will help to get visitors to your site returning time after time.

Tip 7 - It is far better to go for those domain names which have no hyphens within them. However, if you are having problems finding ones that are suitable then limit the number of hyphens in it. Preferably you should only have around 1 hyphen as any more than this and you may find your site being penalized because it looks spammy.

Tip 8 - It is best if you don’t go for domain names that relate to a certain brand or trademark as you will then have to compete with plenty of others to attract visitors to your site. So not only are you reducing the chances of getting the visitors you need to your but also reducing the chances of you making money from it.

Tip 9 - All domain names should have either numbers, letters or hyphens in them and never any spaces. As with too many hyphens spaces in domain names will cause the search engines like Google to penalize it.

Tip 10 - When purchasing and parking domain names make sure that you use the same registrar. Not only does it make it easier for you to update your contact details but also when it comes to renewing them. Once you have found a registrar you can trust ensure that you do keep all contact information updated especially your email address. Otherwise when it comes to being informed of the domains renewal you won’t be given the information.

Above we have shown you 10 domain name tips that can make you money online. The better your domain name the more visitors you will get visiting your site and so the chances of you actually making some sales from the are greatly increased. If you keep the above 10 domain name tips that can make you money online in mind you cannot go far wrong with selecting the ones that are right for you.

I have already handpicked some of the finest domain names for you so that you can start making money right away. You can name your own price too when buying domain names from there. Please visit Sedo now. To find out the best way to host your carefully chosen money making domain names, please go to Web Hosting for more details.

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Easy Steps to Create a Google Email at Your Own Dot Com Free - Own a Dot Com for Free

Posted by admin on Dec 31 2008 | Domain Names

This used to be impossible to do without paying for your own domain name, therefore, having an email at your own dot com costs.

The key to owning your own dot com email is getting a free domain name. Once you find this, setting up the email will be easy. Google just recently launched its Google Apps service providing smart business applications for email, documents, sites and more.They are willing to host your domain name for free and take advantage of their business services at no cost.

There are several companies that say they offer free domain names. Web hosting companies give free domain names as part of their hosting package. Others are just redirection services. What they really provide is a sub domain of a very short domain name. Try using this service and you won’t be able to host the domain name in any web hosting company. Why? Because you don’t really control the domain.

In order to have full control of the domain name, one must be able to control its cname, a, mx, and ns records. If you own a domain and try to host it in a free web hosting service, the host will ask you to point your domain to their name servers. Google apps will ask you to change the cname record to what they will provide. Google can also give their mx records for you to copy and paste in your domain management.

We need to find a free domain name service that supports full DNS control and domain management. One that provides free DNS and MX services.

Once you have full control of your own domain name for free, you can now sign up for a free web hosting service. Point your domain to their name servers, modify the mx record to the one provided by Google apps and presto, you got yourself a Google email at your own dot com.

All these are now possible and easily doable. Own your dot com for free and create an email address at your own dot com free.

Let’s slow down a little bit. These are what you need and look for:

1. A free domain name. You must have full control of this domain. Find a service that provides full DNS control and domain management. One that is not merely a redirection service.

2. Sign up for a good free web hosting company. One that provides own domain hosting for free. Take advantage of what they offer like large disk spaces, 100gb to 300gb bandwidth, easy to use website builder, and a Fantastico one click script installer. This is where you will host your new domain name. Get their name servers and go back to your domain management to point your domain name to the web host’s name servers.

3. Sign up for Google Apps using your domain name. Google will ask you to activate email by providing their MX record.

4. Log back in to your free web host member’s area and at your control panel, you can modify the MX record. Enter the one provided by Google.

Once completed, all you have to do is wait 24 to 48 hours for these settings to take effect. You now have your new domain name, a good web hosting service, and your Google email at your own dot com all for free. Why not build your website from here and start a new confident journey to an online business. Or just simply have fun.

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Buy Premium Domain Names

Posted by admin on Dec 31 2008 | Domain Names

If you are starting a new online business, blog or informational website, you are in it to attract as much traffic as possible. Of course, there are multiple ways of advertising your site both on and off the Internet, but one thing that is often overlooked in the process is the importance of buying a premium domain name. Having a good name that customers will remember and refer to will bring lots of traffic to your site. In fact, choosing a name that customers naturally put in an address without even searching is even better.

For example, if the name of your car dealership were Fred’s Fine Cars, it would be in your business’s best interest to try to purchase the domain name, It’s a good idea to keep your name as simple to spell and memorable as possible. The maximum number of characters in a domain is 63 and only Accredited Registrars can sell domain names. A quick Internet search will turn up thousands of services that say that they sell premium domain names, but how do you know which one is best for you? The answer depends in large part on what services you need and want for your business.

It is vital that you work with a dependable company as well. There is nothing worse than your domain registration running out without being notified or any other host of issues you might experience with a less-than-reputable-service. When you are searching for a Registrar, be aware that not all companies that offer domain registration are, in fact, Registrars. Some companies use a third party who is accredited to register domain names for them as a part of a web-hosting package. While this may be fine with you, consider that you may have a technical problem and have more difficulty figuring out whom to work with in this regard. When you register your domain name, it will be for a specific time period, most commonly 6 months to one year.

At the end of this time you must re-register, or your name can be released and transferred to another owner. Carefully read the Terms of Agreement before you sign any contract for service. You will also need to determine which companies offer the services that you are looking for. Some people simply need a bare bones domain name registration, while others may need web and email hosting and much more. You can choose whether or not to have your domain name registration and web hosting handled by the same carrier.

This allows you some bargaining room as you can determine what items you really need to pay for, and which you can do without. Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) already include email in their fees, so unless you need substantially more capacity you may not want to pay for email hosting from a Registrar. Another service to consider is forwarding. Forwarding sends traffic from another site to yours if you have purchased both names. For example, if you own the site, you may want to purchase and have the traffic forwarded to your page.

Your choice of correct and appropriate premium domain names can make a huge difference to the success of your business on the internet-so make sure you consider them carefully. Visit to find the most suitable domain names just tailored for your business, many categories to choose from and you can name your own price too!.

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Domain Names - Are There Any Good Ones Left?

Posted by admin on Dec 31 2008 | Domain Names

Years ago - the mid-90s not the mid-50s - but we are talking about the internet here…as I was saying, years ago, a good domain name cost about $50 to register for a year. There were fewer than 100,000 domains. So you can imagine the fun of playing with the notion of registering or

There were many interesting domain name registration situations. A good example is Jim Cashel who in 1994 registered about a dozen and a half domains with company names such as trump, esquire, and hertz. In the early days of domain name registration, the concept of capture internet real estate was of little interest to many big businesses. All a person needed was a credit card and the ability to come up with names that he or she might like to register.

When the internet turned out to be more than a fad, business began to find that a lot of the domains relating to their business were already owned. There was a brief burgeoning business in domain name squatting. This was not illegal. Actually there had never been a reason to even consider such an action. There was no legal impediment to anyone registering a copyrighted name. They might have trouble using the name to advertise the copyrighted items but there was nothing to stop them from registering the actual name.

The laws changed and such behavior is no longer possible. Now a whole different problem exists and that is that the choice in internet top level domain names, particular the dot-coms, is dwindling. As it now stands, you should consider yourself lucky to find a dot-com phrase that you can register as your domain.

However, many times, really top-notch domain names return to the fold. People and computers fade away, go out of business, and change direction. They give up domains they registered in the heyday of domain name registrations and there are some dandy domains available out there with good old-fashioned short names.

You think all good domain names are gone or extremely expensive? Well, they are not. Jason Dutch owns and operates where where he lists up to 800 premium domain names and accepts 70% of all “Name Your Own Price” bids. Find the perfect domain at JasonsDomains.

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Best Domain Registrars For 2009

Posted by admin on Dec 31 2008 | Domain Names

A while back I wrote an article about the top three Registrars at that time. Since then, many things have changed. New players, new features and lower pricing to name a few.

Let’s recap what the Registrar does:

1. They hold the master ‘database’ of domain names on the Internet.

2. They allow anyone to reserve a domain name.

3. The registration record holds the basic information about your website. (IP address, email server, etc..)

The biggest names in Registrars right now are:





We’ll take a quick look at each service and compare the features.
They are the low-cost leader. For about $10/yr. you can reserve a single domain name. For a few dollars more, you can get private registration or additional domain uses (.info, .tv, .net, etc…). Navigating the site can be a bit challenging since it’s very cluttered. However, they do provide the best value and features for domain management.
They have raised their prices over the past two years. 1 year domain registration is now $15/yr. (used to be $10). The user interface is fairly simple to navigate, but you need a Yahoo email to login to the domain manager.
Not sure why they charge $34.99/yr. for domain reservations. However, they have a very clean user interface and all the same features as godaddy.
They are the original Registrar. It all started with them. However, they have not innovated past their beginnings and must be feeling the pain. Their email servers have constant issues and they are difficult to deal with if you need to call them.

Our recommendation for 2009 is

Mike Echlin is a 20-year technology veteran who has helped many small businesses optimize their use of technology. Technology is an enabler for profits, period.

Get more helpful info from Mike’s blog at

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Domaining - The Easy Way to Make Money Fast

Posted by admin on Dec 30 2008 | Domain Names

If you think that you know all about domain buy and sell structure for making fast and easy money, then do read this.

Domain name business is one of the least known way of making easy money, and that too very quick. You want to be a millionaire, and you can’t wait, that’s the reason you are here. Let me help you out. First and foremost, forget everything you know about domain names business, and start from scratch.

The term given to this business is Domaining. It is business of buying and selling domain names for making money. The reselling of this type is actually comparable to real estate. You invest in the property, seek a potential buyer, and then sell it to him at a large price tag. Thereby making profit. The only difference is that “domain reselling” is much easier and much cheaper as it requires very less investment and normally gives great returns, if used accordingly. Many people even make there living by this. Beleive me, it means lots of money and that too easy.

The domaining often occupies building up of the domain name portfolios, or else accumulation of the domain names, in accordance to various criterias. This domain name portfolios frequently consist of profitable generic dictionary word domain names, or domains whose registrations have lapse but they still retain practical traffic. The more traffic, the more money you earn.

I will move step by step in helping you through the complete process.

1. Domain name

This is the first step in the process, you need to finalize on the domain name you want to invest in. Buying a domain name depends on various factors like:- What is your budget, Which market you are targetting, who is the potential customer. You should answer these questions before buying a domain name. Also some other points to keep in mind are:- The domain name should be short, as it is easier to remember and creates a greater possibility of the traffic to return again. The domain name must be easier to memorize, good for your business. The domain must be brandable, and must cater to the needs of some particular niche. Try and avoid domains which contain hyphens and numbers. Go for a .com extension for your registration.

2. Buy a Domain name Before buying a domain name, check out the traffic the niche receives, more traffic implies that your revenue generation will be more. So make sure you check out the quality of the name and the traffic the domain gets, before making an investment. The keyword here is “research”, and you need to do some of it before making an investment.

Try and look for a cheap domain, as they are the best buys. The cheap domain don’t cost you much, moreover if properly aimed at a niche then they produce good results. Make sure you go for a cheap domain, else you have a hefty bank balance.

Now here is point that you buy a domain name for reselling or you register a new domain name for reselling. If you don’t want to buy an existing domain, then you may try creating a new domain name, it norrmally comes free along with some web hosting packages. Web Hosting implies that you rent some space on a server to host your web site, and they provide you the domain name registration for free, though it may change from vendor to vendor.

3. Domain registration If you plan to create a new domain, then you need to register it, for registration of domain you need to find a registrar, that provides you the name. The second option is that you go for a web hosting domain package, where they provide you the space at some cost, but provides the domain name registration for free. Make sure that you register your domain with a “com” extension as it is higly valued in the market. If you really want to make money then this point counts much.

4. Sell the Domain name Now that you have got a good domain name targeted at a particular niche, you may seek the help of various sites for finding a potential buyer for you. Sites like is a great source for this. Just prove to your customer that he is getting the best buy and you are the winner. Make cash from your resell and go ahead for a next buy.

The stuff till now was for getting you started, now regarding the strategy part of the business, most domainers try and make a long term investment. They buy and own names, they park on web sites… Oh I forgot to tell you about Website Parking. Website Parking is the way of making money when your domain is sitting idle. I will clarify this, Now that you looked for a cheap domain, if unable to find then you register domain preferably with a “com” extension. Then you buy domain using a seller or via web hosting domain packages. Now that you have got all but not a profitable client, in that case you can park your website. Website Parking implies that the site on which your domain is parked, will use your domain for putting up ads, some people type the name of the thing they required, without knowing that it exists or not. Like if a person needs a plumber, then he may type without knowing that the site exists or not. Website Parking makes use of this benefit and earns from the normal domain name traffic that may occur. And if a person clicks on an add then you earn. Isn’t that great, you earn money without doing anything.

Some more points to consider while buying a domin name includes, if you think that some technology is going to take off, then get a domain name that pertains to it. The more relevant the name, the more money you will make. I will close this article with an example, Schwartz sold for $1.3 million in 2003, and he had bought the domain at $15,000 in 1997. Mind Blowing isn’t it.

So Domain names reselling provide a great oppurtunity for making large amount of money, and that too very fast. So guys for more info on this and this type of articles keep buzzing

Keep buzzing.


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How to Register a Killer Domain Name and Explode Your Business

Posted by admin on Dec 30 2008 | Domain Names

Finding a killer domain for your website can be the difference between a highly successful business and a failed on. Depending on the direction you go with your domain, you can make or break your business. A domain that is short, catchy, and memorable can bring you tons of free traffic and help you attract new customers and retain your existing ones.

Registering a killer domain is not rocket science but there are a few small details that you need to pay attention to. Here are a few tips that will help you find the killer domain that you have been searching for.

1. Choose a short domain: don’t you just hate long domains? They are not easy to type and hard to remember. Add hyphens to your domain, and you are going to make it very difficult for folks to remember your domain names. As far as number, you can use numbers but as long as they make sense. makes sense, but does not. Your domain should be easy to spell too. Avoiding hyphens makes it easy to type out domains.

2. Catchy names matter: think about it. Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, and Google all have catchy domains. Finding a catchy domain is not that easy, but something you should think about if you plan to expand your business and build a real brand.

3. Beware of trademarks: there is always a temptation among folks to start a site about another popular site or service. Let’s say you are planning to start a site about “wordpress.” You should keep in mind that you can’t use the word “wordpress” in your domain name.

4. Only .com matters: this might be an exaggeration, but you should always register a domain in its .com format. You should also register .net, .org, and .us TLDs if you prefer, but having the .com version of your domain is a must.

5. Include top keyword phrase: this is often hard to do, but if you are creating a site about credit cards, you should try to fit your main phrase in your domain name. Keep in mind that you don’t want to have a very long domain name, so don’t go overboard with this.

At the end of the day, you want to choose a domain that represents what your business stands for. It should be “brandable,” short, and easy to remember. You don’t have go overboard and spend months to find the right domain, but you should put enough effort behind it to find a killer domain for the long run.

To research and find a killer domain for your business, visit Domains Roullette. Register your domain fast and easy and find the best domain deals.

Find your very own domain on

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Getting Absolutely Free Domain Names

Posted by admin on Dec 30 2008 | Domain Names

If you are in the market for a new website, then one of the things you could consider is finding a company that gives out absolutely free domain names. But be forewarned. Some of these places will give you a free domain name, but will get you in the long run with a huge annual price. So, read the fine print before you sign up with someone.

A way most people get domain names is by getting website hosting with someone. Domain names are relatively cheap anyway, so it is nothing for the hosting company to offer a free domain name when you buy their hosting services.

If you do this, just make sure you can take the domain name with you if you leave. I have heard of cases where the hosting company registers the domain name in their name, but basically allows you to “lease” it. This is a very bad deal, and basically of a shady host, and you not reading the fine print.

Another way they will get you is by having a pricey annual fee, but waving it for the first year. I would never pay over $10 per year for a domain name. So, if someone is offering you a domain name absolutely free, then see how long it is free, and how much the annual fees are going to be.

One last thing to consider when getting the domain name is to ensure you get your keywords in the domain. This will definitely help in the search engine optimization. And think about this, too. Because once you choose the domain, there is no going back and changing it. You are stuck with it.

Above all, just please be sure you read all of the information the domain registrar is giving you with regards to the free domain name. It would really be a shame for you to lose the domain, or to get charged a large amount for it.

Find out more information on absolutely free domain names before you make that purchase.

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The US Economy and It’s Affect on Domain Names

Posted by admin on Dec 30 2008 | Domain Names

As you are all likely aware the US economy is in a major slowdown, if not a recession officially? Bank failures, Government bailouts, and talk of another Great depression has caused stocks to plummet, interest rates to fall, and spending to dry up. Being a domainer myself, I have found that this is the perfect time to pick up those valuable domain names at deep discounts. Whether you are looking to shop for 3 letter dot com domains, or generic word domains, the next several months promise to be prime time for buyers. It is a buyers market for the first time in the domain industry since I have been investing. If you have the cash available, you might as well invest it wisely in what seems to the be future of business, domain names.

Rather then allowing your money to sit in the bank making 1-3% annually in interest, while inflation is over 4%, or investing your money in what is currently the most volatile stock market since the mid 1980’s, put your money to work for you by purchasing traffic domains which will earn you daily interest via parking revenue, while also appreciating in value greatly, especially after we come out of this current economic disaster we are in. Here are 2 things to look for while investing in the current domain name market.

#1 Untrademarked typo’s with traffic

Look for domains which are getting type in typo traffic. For example, domains with the word recession spelled recession (with 1 “s”). or anything that’s getting traffic currently. These domains can be picked up dirt cheap compared to the yearly earnings you may be making in a Bank CD.

#2 Three and Four Letter dot com domains

Without a doubt these short domain names are the future. There are only about 17,000 3-letter dot coms in existence, and over 50% of these are developed websites. The great thing about short dot com domains is that as people register the dot orgs, dot nets, and dot whatever other extensions their are of those letters, you will benefit from their traffic. Also note that even 3 and 4 letter dot coms with bad letters such as “z”, “x”, “q” can be goldmines 5 years down the road. China and India will have huge markets for these 3 and 4 letter domains.

In conclusion I would recommend that if you have extra cash sitting around, then jump into the domain marketplace.

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I Sold a Domain Name For Fifty Thousand Dollars - This is How

Posted by admin on Dec 30 2008 | Domain Names

Ok you go to, and search using adjectives, verbs, nouns, with your main keyword in mind. Your about to buy a killer domain and you need to do the research into the niche and find cool words to bind with your keyword.

After you jot down a few dozen ideas, take your efforts over to your domain registrar and search to see which ones are available.
You need a “money making” domain so don’t have the word ‘free” or other restricting words like “downloads” or “recipes” in it.
You buy a domain, it cost you $8.00.

Once the registration goes through, go into your domain hosting and point that sucker’s name servers towards your file hosting.

Create a little webpage with adsense ads on it and then submit your URL to bookmarking sites and write some articles with EzineArticles pointing towards your site. (In other words, make your url profitable.)

If you want to make some quick cash, sell it now. This one should go for $50. Go onto ebay or and sell the domain. Explain why you are selling it, what they get with it and how the income is generated. The income is the reason why this thing is worth something more than the $8.00

If you want the bigger money, don’t sell it yet. Keep creating links back to your page, post on forums with your link, create a list with an account and make an “advertising page” where people will pay you to advertise for a month. (Start up a separate aweber for that.)

Get the income up. Keep an eye out where it is on the search engines and try to get it higher in the search engines. The idea is to get into niches where you can get to the top10 of google, that’s when your adsense account will start making a couple hundred a week and you can sell the domain for 2 years of projected earnings.

Don’t bother with high traffic, high competition niches, unless you buy the domain, and it has to be a one word domain like to be worth something.

You can also buy domains that people need for their business. For instance, if you bought and then contact a pizza company, they will probably be interested in talking to you, see what I mean?

There are a lot of different ways to go about it but these two ways are the types of domain sales I do. Either the “build up the income” way or the “Buy someone’s niche domain” and contact them. Build a website that sells these digital products on it, give it a great domain and then sell it for thousands a month later.

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