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Secret to Increase Click Through Rate For Banner Ads Using Text

Posted by admin on Mar 18 2009 | Banner Advertising

As we already know that there are two types of Banner advertising and they are Banners using Human images in banners and the Banners using test in banners which is popular way of designing banners of now.

Banners using Text

This is entirely different from other form of banner designing. In this banner we are just going use the banner which have only text. The main parts of this kind banners are

1) Heading

2) Body

3) Background

Heading is the first line of the test advertising this must be a compelling heading that must grab the attention and make peoples to read the body of the ad. This may be in the format of a question like

Do you know why…

Can you imagine if… etc…
this kind of question will make visitors to read the next line. we can use Red, Blue and Black color heading to get more attention.

Body, this is the next part of the ad which will show what you want to tell them. Be short and meaningful so that peoples can understand at the first reading.

Background is the major factor that will make your content as the part of the site your going to advertise. This is simple example which is less known by less number of peoples and you can give it a try now.

Using a transparent background will make your banner blend into the content. Whatever the background color may be if you use a transparent background then your banners background color will became the background color of the site you ads are displaying.


Heading : 20 pt

body : 18 pt


Heading : Red,Blue

body : Black (your choice)

Hope I helped.

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Understanding Online Banner Advertising

Posted by admin on Mar 17 2009 | Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most popular forms of online advertising that websites and businesses use to market their products and services. These ads are usually more productive and are more widely used because of their aesthetic appeal. With the right designer, your banner ads can stand out among the crowd and draw more customers to your website than you ever thought possible. There are so many perks to banner advertising, but only if it is used correctly, and you make sure that you aren’t overpaying for the services that are provided to you with such a means of advertising.

You can find banner advertising services in a variety of places, including companies that specialize in this type of advertising as well as companies that offer marketing solutions packages that merely include banner ads as a part of their services. Which type of company you choose to work with will be a decision that you make based on your specific needs. Often, it’s better for first-time companies to work with companies that offer a full range of marketing services so that they can get the most out of their internet marketing.

Banner advertising is a great way to generate business for your company. You will pay different rates depending on many factors, including:

-What type of company you work with
-What sites your ads are placed on
-The size, shape, and placement of your ads
-Tracking statistics
-Whether you pay per ad flat rates or a per-pixel-cost for the ads
-Rotation, if you choose this option
-Nature of ads (offensive ads will cost more to host because of their nature, etc.)

Bearing these things in mind, the most cost-effective way to utilize banner advertising is to work with a company that offers an array of marketing services. You can find other tools such as SEO services, PPC campaigns, and link building assistance, which will assist your marketing in addition to banner ads. Why limit yourself to one form of advertising if you don’t have to? In and of themselves, banner ads are a great asset to any marketing campaign. However, without other marketing tools your business won’t get very far.

Keep in mind that online banner advertising is just one way to generate traffic and visitors. Don’t rely on this marketing strategy along - Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Not only will you be increasing your risk by relying on one strategy, you’ll also miss out of a variety of different ways to increase your traffic even more.

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Back to Basics Banner Advertising

Posted by admin on Mar 16 2009 | Banner Advertising

When you are looking to make sure that interested people are finding your website, you will find that banner advertising is a method of getting their attention that you need to think about. Banner advertising is essentially the use of a visual ad on someone’s site that will provide a link back to yours, and you will find that this can be a great way to allow people to find your work through a related site. Before you get started with banner ads, though there are a few basics that you should keep in mind.

In the first place, take some time to carefully design your banner ads. If you are feeling uncertain, and if you have the money, get someone with some experience to put them together for you. Good design and an attractive look are quite important. You will want to make sure that your site has a place for people to download some banner ads and to put them up on their own site should they want to give you some free advertising!

For the most part, you will find that your banner ads will be posted through networks of similar websites. There are plenty of networks out there that you can join where you will be asked to provide some advertising space on your website in exchange for having your banner up on someone else’s site. This type of exchange, when the network is focused on targeting and making sure that only relevant sits join, can be instrumental in making sure that you get your site marketed correctly.

You will find that you should start by doing your research. What networks are going to be focusing on the right clients for your site? Some networks are extremely tightly focused, but small, while others are very large, but cover sites that only have a very small amount of things in common. Think about who you believe your market is, and make sure that the sites where your ad will appear will be places that they frequent.

When you are thinking about banner advertising, also keep an eye on what is going up on your site. In some exchanges, you need to put two ads in exchange for having one of your ads put up somewhere. Make sure that you integrate the ads on your site harmoniously, and make sure that you think about what you can do to ensure that the ads you put up are things that your audience wants to see.

Banner advertising can be quite profitable for you in the long run, so take some time and make sure that you are going to get your money’s worth out of it!

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How to Advertise on Websites

Posted by admin on Mar 15 2009 | Banner Advertising

As most people know, and will tell you, marketing is a large part of your business, and a plays a key role in the success (or failure) of your website. Proper marketing and learning how to advertise on websites can create much more business than you ever expected, given the tools are used properly and to the best of their abilities. Whether you’re considering SEO, link building, banner ads, or even a PPC campaign, there are plenty of ways to advertise on websites that can be essential to your business or website’s success. Choosing which ones are right for you will be the most crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Using link building or banner advertising, you can get your name and company directly on another website, either through directory submission, forum posting, or building relationships and networking. This kind of advertising is very effective because it can increase your rankings in the search engine results far more than search engine optimization can by itself. However, you need to remember that these types of marketing focus more on quality than quantity when you opt to advertise on websites. You are better off to have your link or a banner on five or ten very strong sites than to have them on even five hundred mediocre sites.

The best way to successfully market your business is to use all of these tools. What does that mean? Well, first your website should be made SEO-friendly with the use of relevant and popular keywords, so that it gets good ranking in search results. Then, you can set up a PPC campaign to attract those people who don’t want to scroll through the results to find what they need. And finally, you can advertise on websites using link building and banner ads, in order to get higher rankings because other sites are basically vouching for your credibility. With all of these tools in place, a successful marketing strategy can be checked off of your list of things to do when it comes to your online business or website.

If you choose to try marketing on your own, you might not see the same results that you’d get from working with a qualified company in your marketing plans. They are experts in different ways to advertise on websites, and can often yield better results than you could on your own.

Advertising on websites is just one way to increase traffic. Try not to rely on just one marketing strategy. The more diversified your marketing strategy is the less risk you’ll have by relying on one of them. Diversifying your marketing strategy will also help you see other marketing strategy that may work even better then your current.

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Banner Ad - Software Review

Posted by admin on Mar 14 2009 | Banner Advertising

Selling advertising space on your blog or website. If you have a blog or website online here’s why you should consider selling ad space to local companies. First, you probably have some affiliate banners or AdSense displaying somewhere on your sites already but I bet your are not really raking in that much cash. Consider this, a few minutes on the phone to local business could reap huge rewards just by letting them know about the opportunity to display there business or on your site. The same tired old affiliate banner or AdSense advert that generates cents per click can be replaced by a banner ad that you just sold for $500 dollars per month.

First lets look at the basics your going to need a web advert management program and we highly recommend Ad revenue for the job. It’s a fully loaded web advert script with full administration and click through tracking functions and comes at a reasonable price. In fact it has the same features as some software selling for over $1000 dollars so go check this out.

Second you need to know a little about how banner ads per form on websites for your own benefit and also so you are clued up on what to say to potential clients. Unless your running a site with thousands of visitors per day your best sales tactic is to persuade local business es about the effectiveness of advertising on your site for brand recognition of their  business. Click throughs are a bonus and can be fully tracked and reported which is an important benefit to your potential clients.

Here’s some really useful data on the performance of banner ads today:

1. Low click-through rates overall With an average of only 0.21% of impressions generating a click, display ads are generally low performing. Online ads are branding tools. Direct clicks are simply a happy byproduct. In the context of direct response, online ads appear to be, at best, moderately successful.

2. Larger is slightly better The largest ad sizes - 728×90 leader boards and 300×250 rectangles - perform above average. They are also the top 2 most popular ad formats according to Nielson (Sept 2008). It’s possible the higher click-through rates are due to placement since these two large ad formats are typically used above the fold (eg., in the header of a website).

3. 468×60 banners perform the worst The oldest format, the original banner size of 468×60, performs the worst! It may be due to the fact that users have learned to ignore ads of this size. Another possible reason is that because it’s smaller than other formats, the 468×60 is typically buried within content, and not given prominent placement like the 728×90 leader board size.

So having that background info you need to sell your prospect on the branding element of their banner ad placement on your site an d again if its low traffic you need to sell them on the idea of a fixed price per month rather then on impressions per month or click-throughs. If your clients don’t have their own banners already why not offer to do it for them for free if they sign up for say a two month period You can create banners easily for little no money and we highly recommend instant banner.

So that’s our quick tip

Start selling advert space directly

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Importance of Interactive Advertising

Posted by admin on Mar 13 2009 | Banner Advertising

If you are looking for something new to promote your business, then why not try for interactive advertising. Keep yourself in the customers shoe and think what will you like to have in this ad? Or what is something interesting that you would like to watch. Keeping these answers in mind formulate the plan.

Here are some of the pointers that will help you in understanding the importance of interactive advertising better:

* Interactive marketing attracts visitors of all age group.

* There are different interactive medium like audio visuals, multimedia tools used for displaying the thought. This keeps the viewers attentive and motivates them to visit the store and buy the product.

* Upon seeing the advertisement, one can get the response of the customer instantly. Therefore, if necessary immediately one can bring the required changes in the promotional campaign and improvise on it.

* With the help of interactive marketing one can easily know more about the desires and behavior the customers. Hence, if in the future if you are planning to launch a new product then easily you can promote it.

* Interactive advertising is considered as an economical way for promoting the business. Using promote your ideas firmly using the right medium and catchy punch lines. Hence you can make use of your budget for other promotional aspects.

A good interactive advertising campaign has been able to improve the sales and widely appreciated by the customers worldwide. It sometimes act as an interpersonal tool for communicating effectively to clients. To know how interactive advertising is important, then take the help of a SEO expert now.

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Secret to Increase Click Through Rate For Image Banner Ads

Posted by admin on Mar 12 2009 | Banner Advertising

Click through rates are entirely depends upon the design of the banners. Actually designing itself an art. Yes, designs actually tweaks the visitors to click the ads.

If you want to learn more on banner ads then and the characteristics then always spy on the banners which are used by major companies.

Now let’s get in to the core. There are two types of banners that are used first kind uses human or a human like animated characters in the banners. And the second category uses text and some designs in banners.

Let’s see about the banners using Images in the banners

Banners using Human Images

when you use banners with human images you have to consider two thing

1) Hot spot

2) Eye and hands

Hot spot is the place where you want you your visitors to see. This may be your product image, product price or a click here image. This must be convincing thing that must lure the peoples to click

Eye and hands, this is the most important part of the image. This refers to where you human image sees or shows. If the person in the image see us we just concentrate on the person but if that person see any part of that same image the our eye will be automatically directed to that area. That must be you hot spot. These combo will take the click through rate to a whole new level.

Make sure that you track clicks and conversions so that you can sort which is a best converting banner.

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Designing Your Own Web Banners Pays Off!

Posted by admin on Mar 11 2009 | Banner Advertising

Banner ads are one of the most popular and effective methods of internet advertising. Advertising online is cost effective for businesses of all sizes and allows you to reach audiences all over the world in a way that isn’t possible with any other media.

Animated Banners Deliver Greater Response

Using an animated banner is the most effective method with internet media because not only can you get your message across you can use attractive images, and even rotate text or images, also animate images and text and really grab the attention of your website visitors. The ability to immediately get visitors attention is the most important element in web advertising. Visitors click through pages and sites fast and you need something very visually impressive to make them stop long enough to see your message. Having your own web banner making software pays off by creating more sales for your business.

Animated banner ads are clickable too so you do not have to waste space with your URL, or cumbersome text to send them to your site. Simple command lines such as ‘click here’ work great, are quick to read, and usually deliver the appropriate response. The clickable banner does the work by allowing viewer to click and be sent immediately to your website.

There are several ways to make an animated banners. Most of these methods end up costing a considerable amount of money. Because banner advertising is a typically low cost endeavor it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive graphics software programs to make your web banners when a simple banner maker program can do it for you.

Make Web Banners and Find Creative Uses

Having your own web banner making software pays off in fun too. Making your own banners is a great way to make your personal online space exciting and enticing. Your friends and family will get a kick out of your technical skill and vibrant images. You can use banners on blogs, MySpace, websites, and even in signature links on forums to give your posts a personal touch, spread a message, or show your affiliations, hobbies, and desires.

Having your own banner design software gives you the power at your fingertips to make fantastic, attractive banners that give zing to your websites, and power in your advertising campaign. You can learn to create custom made banners in seconds. Use your own images in one of many templates and add your text and you’re done. Animated banner software doesn’t have to take up your entire advertising budget, or break your bank to add punch to your advertising campaign or website. All it takes is a few minutes to make a great web banner.

Don’t Get Sucked In To High Ticket Banner Making Options

Whether you are using banners to spice up your personal space or your business website it makes sense to do it yourself when it is so easy. Outsourcing to web designers can cost a lot of money for something that is easy to do yourself. And, there is no need for purchasing expensive programs like PhotoShop which runs about $699, Adobe Fireworks for over $299 and then spend hours upon hours trying to figure out complicated techniques. Some people never learn those programs well enough to manipulate a professional looking banner.

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Banner Advertising Success As One of the Top Internet Marketing Techniques

Posted by admin on Mar 10 2009 | Banner Advertising

There are countless top internet marketing techniques online today. For newbie’s in internet marketing the countless advertising options online can be overwhelming. However, banner advertising is one of the top internet marketing techniques used online today. Following several guidelines can lead to banner advertising success and produce a good return on investment for your advertising dollars. Achieving banner advertising success is relatively simple as well, especially for new internet markets. The following are some rules of thumb for banner advertising success.

Trying to find the perfect website to ensure banner advertising success takes some investigation on your part. Some questions to keep in mind as you are thinking about where to place your banner are:

What kind of website do you want to advertise on? Many times the potential website should be closely related to the type of product or service you are promoting. For example, if you are promoting an ebook on good credit you probably would not want to place a banner on a site for the latest fashion and styles for teenagers.

Who is your target market that you are advertising to? Or rather who are you looking to attract to your banner advertisement?

Once you have answered these two questions you need to find the site that fits your criteria. One excellent tool to help you do this is is a site that ranks websites by the amount of people that visit the particular site. For example, if you enter into, it ranks as number 1. This means is the number one most visited website in the world. Sites with low rankings have a lot of people visiting the site; whereas, sites with higher rankings have less people visiting the site. The best rule of thumb is to find a low ranking site that is affordable for your advertising budget. It is also best to place banners that have an ranking of 200,000 or less.

Once you have found a possible website to advertise on, you should analyze the site by asking yourself the following:

Would my banner visually fit into the website? Look at the color scheme of the website and that of your banner. Will your banner standout and make people want to click on it?

Does the website have flashing banners or are the banner static? What size banners are on the site?

What is the cost to advertise the banner on the site? Usually banner rates will be either a flat monthly (or multiple months) rate or on a CPM basis. A flat rate will give you unlimited exposure for your banner for the time indicated (one month). CPM means cost per 1000 impressions. This means that you pay upfront a determined rate for the website to how your banner 1,000 times.

Now that you have found a good potential site, it is time to make the decision of whether or not to investment your advertising dollars into the site. It is important to understand at this point that once you have spent your money on advertising on the internet it is gone. This is important to understand so that you do not make unwise investments in advertising. One the best ways to be certain that your advertising dollars are going to ensure banner advertising success it to have communication with the owner of the website that you are looking to advertise on. Build a relationship with the website owner before you place your banner on his or her site. By building this relationship, you will be able to possibly negotiate a better rate for the advertising, learn more about how the site works and will receive inside information on the site for better results. Sometimes websites owners will even help you create your own banner, if you do not have your own.

Clearly banner advertising is one of the top internet marketing techniques available today. Following the guidelines explained above will put you on the right path to ensure your banner advertising success and will help you get a good return on your investment.

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Do’s and Don’t of Banner Design

Posted by admin on Mar 09 2009 | Banner Advertising

Banner ads are very important and crucial for advertising your business over internet. An effective banner design can bring lots of potential customers/clients to your website and will certainly increase your company business and sales. Your banner ads needs to be stylish but at the same time should fit into the concept of your website and business. Creating a banner design is not a hard task and you can easily make your own flash banner by hiring the services of a graphics expert or by using flash banner software. Choosing a designer or banner software depends upon the choice and banner design needs of individuals however there are few important things about banner design that you may keep in mind while designing a banner.

Use flash animation: Flash banners attract more visitor attention that simple banners and also CTR and ROI of flash animated banners is more at compared to normal graphic banner ads.

Highlight your business: Always highlight your business marketing plan in you banners and make sure you banner ad has a theme similar to your website and business.

Keep it Simple: Use simple animation and design patterns. Don’t overwork on animation ad it may cause longer load time and visitor may get irritated or leave the banner ad right away.

Check your links: Double check the links in your banner ads, broken links are the major cause of failure of banner ad campaigns.

Use call to action: Use a visible call to action like click here, find more etc. This will make users to visit your website.

Keep your banners up to date: Always keep your banner designs up to the latest trends in the industry. The banner designs that are popular today may not attract visitor attention tomorrow. So keep on experimenting with your banner designs.

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