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Which Topics Pay High in Google Adsense Program?

Posted by admin on Apr 13 2012 | AdSense

As the importance of blogging (making money online) is increasing, there are many people searching for the following queries

  • best adsense niches that pay high
  • top paying adsense niches
  • list of adsense categories that pay high

Even I used to search for these queries in my beginning days of blogging. So I thought of sharing the list of high paid niches for Google Adsense. The list is completely based on my experience in Blogging & Adsense (since 4 years) as well as few advices from fellow bloggers.

  1. Health: Weigh Loss & Fitness, Anti-aging, Cancer, Dentistry and Orthodontics
  2. Insurance: Car and auto insurance, Health and Medical Insurance
  3. Computers & Internet: Computer Hardware, Computer Repairs, PC and Internet Security, Dedicated Hosting, ISP and Networking, Online Degree, SEO software and tools, Web Development, Stock Broking
  4. Banking and Finance: Loans and Mortgage, Credit and Finance, Debt consolidation
  5. Legal representation: Searches for attorney increased the bidding rate for this niche
  6. Digital Photography: digital photography schools, certificate, digital photography education, Careers in photography
  7. Psychotherapy: We can include this category in health, but i think it is best to treat this as a different niche as it gives more adsense revenue as a separate site.
  8. Real Estate: A damn good niche for getting good adsense income. Google pays nice price for clicks on these Real Estate related ads.
  9. Consumer Electronics: Gadgets, Mobiles and many other Electronic devices
  10. Antiques and Collectibles: Another good niche to choose for getting high adsense income.
  11. Dating: There are Lots of lonely hearts out there and the online dating sites are willing to pay more money to find them.

I know what you’re thinking now! Start blogs in all niches and receive huge sum of money from Google Adsense! Right?

That’s really a wrong idea. If you do so, you’ll definitely feel bored of blogging in a matter of days. Only chose the niche that interests you. It is always advisable to blog on your interests rather than writing just for money. Because, you can write valuable and quality content if the topic you chose is of your interest. Or-Else you have to suffer from poor quality content which in turn affects your visitors as well as the income from Adsense.

So, my advice is choose a niche that interests you, Write Quality Content, Optimize your website for Search Engines using SEO and then boom.. Your website will receive high paid ads thus resulting in good Adsense Revenue.

Thanks for Reading this..
Happy Blogging :)

Article by Radha Krishna

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Stop! There is No Google AdSense Magic Package

Posted by admin on Jan 19 2009 | AdSense

You heard me right, There is no Google Adsense Magic Package! I know there are so many success stories of Google Adsense Publishers making waves online. The stories are quite interesting and tempting. Savvy online marketers are using such story to sell software and courses which they claim can reproduce such success stories overnight. Newbie Online Entrepreneurs are dreaming of becoming millionaires via Google AdSense publishing. They have heard the success story, they want their own share of the pie, but they want it now, not later.

Scammers are taking advantage of the ignorance of such newbies. This is one of the reigning SCAM in Africa. Too many African Entrepreneurs who are desirous of making money online are being swindled. The scammers offer digital products and services which they claim will bring the dream of the newbie entrepreneur into reality overnight. Who will not like to become a millionaire overnight? Unfortunately, it is all SCAM! Too many wannabe online entrepreneurs have parted with their hard-earned cash for such “GET RICH QUICK PACKAGES”. Several months after buying such packages (which they expected to be a CASH COW that will keep generating income even when the owner is sleeping) they are yet to receive the first cheque from Google. They have been unable to generate $100 which is the minimal pay-out!

Now, many are asking “Is it really possible to earn 6digit income per annum from Google AdSense Publishing?” The answer is YES! But not via GET RICH OVERNIGHT MAGIC PACKAGES! Those instant solution packages are SCAM. If they work, nobody will sell them. Instead, the inventor will keep it as a secret. Ask around and see if you will get at least one person that have used such instant package and become a millionaire overnight.

So, what is the right thing to do? First we ask the successful Google Adsense Publisher how they got their success. We do not need to re-invent the wheel. We can learn from their experience thereby avoiding the mistakes they made. That will shorten the time period required to achieve success. One of such Successful AdSense Publisher that I will recommend is Lisa Irby. She produced a little ebook which spelt out the basic factors responsible for her success in Google AdSense Publishing (it is a good read for any beginner). Since the ebook is free and she gave permission for it to be re-distributed, I will be willing to send it to you via email upon request.

After reading that ebook, I will suggest you start a blog or website and open an account with Google as an AdSense Publisher. The earlier you start your own hands-on learning process, the better. You need skills and the earlier you start gathering experience the sooner your success story will come. There are many things to learn. There are great tools (some are free, some require payment) that will enhance your work and simplify difficult tasks. However, you still have a great role to play. None of those tools will take up your responsibility and make you a millionaire while you sleep. Wake up to reality. Nothing good comes cheap. If you are not ready to work, then forget about Google AdSense Income. It is not for lazy people.

Even though there is no Google AdSense Magic Package, you too can earn good income from Google AdSense publishing if you are willing to work consistently for success. Internet rewards patience. Wishing you success in your online ventures. Cheers

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AdSense Earnings - 6 Ways to Improve Your AdSense Revenue Today!

Posted by admin on Jan 19 2009 | AdSense

A great way to make some money from your websites is use Googles AdSense program. There are lots of great sites out there and blog’s that are needlessly struggling to earn some good revenue each and every day from this easy to set up program. If you do it correctly you can earn hundreds of dollars a day from Google. The difference between the successful webmasters and you is they were not afraid to leverage expertise from those that have already done the hard yards experimenting for them.

One such master is Joel Comm, you may have heard of him, if you haven’t you need to find out about him as soon as you can, he will make you money. He is on the New York times Best seller list and has lots of information site that will help you succeed.

Six of the best ways to improve your AdSense earnings.

1. Use the best performing ad formats.

The overall best ad format to use is the leader board (728 x 90) place it at the top of the page above the main text. This has prov-en time and time again to be a winner. Skyscrapers are not to shabby either and are best placed on the right hand side. It is the most natural place for the eye to wander, even lefties.

2. Blend your ads in.

Google’s terms of use clearly states that you cannot hide your ads or trick your readers into clicking your ads but you can blend them into your page. You will want to use colors that blend into your site. A white page works best, you do not want a border as this just screams, hey I’m an ad. Look at Google’s ads and copy their color scheme.You want it to look like it is actually part of the page.

best palette choice

Border # FFFFFF

title # OOOOFF

background # FFFFFF

text # OOOOOO

url # 008000


Place your advertisements above the fold, you want your readers eye to be drawn to them as soon as the page loads. This will most definitely improve your click through rate with Google ad sense immediately.

4. Text links

use text link ads only, they are prov-en winners and have a much higher click through rate than image ads. People will avoid image ads like the plague, just think what do you do when you visit a page.

5. Link to other sites and get one way back links.

Link to other high ranking sites that are relevant to your own content, this is very important. If your site is about monster trucks only link to quality sites about monster trucks. One way back links smoke, you can get these easily and for free. Just leave comments on other webmasters sites. Be sure to read their article and make a well constructed comment based on the content in front of you, no one likes a dirty spammer. I don’t even think that spammers can even stomach themselves in the mirror.

6. Track performance.

This is vital to your success, track your ads by using the Google channel tool, this enables you to monitor the success of each individual ad and make small adjustments until you are onto a winner.

Google AdSense will place ads that are relevant to your websites content, and Google love blog’s (hint) Google state that a website should present fresh unique quality content that gives the reader a great experience when they visit and information that they can use and is of benefit. So do not set up heaps of junk sites just to try add earn AdSense revenue, Google will burn you and place you on the cyberspace scrap heap.

Hot tip.

Sometimes all that is needed is a bit of fine tuning and tweaking, experiment a little and defiantly

Concentrate on presenting great content and you will be onto a winner, once you have succeeded, you can rinse and repeat your system.

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Make Money With AdSense Through These 3 Simple Ways

Posted by admin on Jan 19 2009 | AdSense

It is perfectly legitimate to build a website or a blog, rather a few blogs and claim your share of the huge internet wealth. In other words, you can make money with AdSense when you know the secrets of those who did make money with AdSense. The three simple ways explained below will help you understand these secrets and gallop on your way to success.

1. Who contributes the money?

Google does not pay you from their profits. Then who does? It is the advertisers who part with the money. At this point, you should give a thought to why the advertiser would pay. The content should relate to the advertised product in the first place. If the product value is low, the returns to you would also be proportionately low. To make money with AdSense, you should therefore build your website or blog/blogs around products which command a high value. To put this in clearer perspective, web sites/blogs dealing with popular music is less likely to attract high value products. But, if your website deals with, say home improvement, that can find several advertisers queuing up for an opportunity. Understand also that Google has its own system to track the performance of advertisements. If they notice excellent conversions through your website/blog, they will place more high paying ads on your site. Google’s interest is in their advertisers.

2. How do you identify these high paying niches?

A dedicated keyword search is the first step towards finding potential topics for you. The Google keyword too is absolutely free. You can research on a number of keywords before you decide on your choice. After selecting key word ideas, you can use the drop down menus to look at the average CPC as well as search volume. These two figures will tell you about the cost as well as popularity of the key words. The average search volume helps you understand how often the keyword was used in search strings. Your choice niche will be ready at the end of this exercise. The next step is to create credible and useful content for your site. Without authentic and reliable content, your site may even fail to take off from the runway. That is not good news when you want to make money with AdSense.

3. Placement

Next, we come to the question of placement. Now, this is a very crucial part. Advertisements placed to the right, left, top, bottom, middle all behave differently when it comes to CTR. Therefore, it is necessary to test each spot to understand the efficacy.

Normally 500 page views can be used as a bench mark for testing. Another important aspect is the links. Text links running along the content are often more comfortable for the viewers, or they seem to prefer that. The ads that come to your site are always targeting its content. Therefore, pay plenty of attention to keep it trim and fresh at all times. That is the easiest way to increase traffic to your site and help you make money with AdSense.

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Four Ideas on How to Make Money With AdSense

Posted by admin on Jan 17 2009 | AdSense

Today, earning some extra revenue isn’t just something we sometimes would like to do. In fact, knowing how to add those additional streams of money is essential to the stability of our family. That’s one reason why it’s so important to learn how to make money with AdSense. Here are some ideas on how you can use the program to boost your own bank account.

Your Blog

Although AdSense is most frequently used in conjunction with web sites, you don’t need one to be able to start earning money. All you really need is a blog. Blogs are relatively easy to start and don’t cost nearly as much in terms of time and energy to create as a web site. The best news is that if you already have a blog you can easily add AdSense advertisements to the packages and being generating revenue regularly. Of course, you’ll also want to keep updating your site often and you’ll want to make sure your posts are keyword optimized to ensure the greatest success. Of course that’s just one examples of how to make money with AdSense.

Revenue Sharing

Another more recent phenomenon is the idea of revenue sharing. Some sites which include forums do require active participants in order to continue attracting new people to participate in the program. As a way of rewarding people who are active contributors, some of these sites have decided to begin a program of revenue sharing. After you have completed so many posts, you can begin earning money from specific ads on the site. You won’t necessarily make a fortune but if you already a regular forum contributor this can be a good way of making a little spare change from your activities. This is probably the easiest example of how to make money with AdSense.

Use Articles

If you already write and submit articles to promote your web site, now this can be a helpful tool in how to make money with AdSense. Write articles that will direct your traffic back to a specific AdSense page on your site. Make sure the content of your article matches the content of the page and that you’re getting appropriate AdSense ads showing up. That’s a very important part of the process, too. Thanks to the articles you’re submitting to directories that help your writing rank higher on the search engines you can generate big traffic numbers and more opportunities for people to click on your ads. That’s another version of how to make money with AdSense.

Vary the Ads

Although you don’t get any say really in which ads are placed on your site, when you learn how to make money with AdSense you’ll also discover that you do have some control over the way the ads are displayed. Besides being able to vary the location of the ads on the page, you can also change the color and the format of the ads. You should do this regularly in order to continue getting the interest of your site visitors.

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Four Secrets to AdSense Success

Posted by admin on Jan 17 2009 | AdSense

If you are going to be earning money through AdSense, you want to make the most money possible from the endeavor. Otherwise, there’s no reason to proceed. To improve your chances of gaining AdSense success, here are some pointers to assist you.

Audience & Ad Considerations

When you’re writing the content for your site, you normally want to consider the needs of your audience. For example, you want to provide quality content so your visitors will benefit from your pages. However, if you are going to be seeking AdSense success, you also need to take into considerations the ads that are going to be placed on your site. That means pay attention to the keywords and phrases you use on the site and consider looking at the types of ads those words are going to generate on your site. You also want to be sure that your site’s content will meet the Google requirements.

Vary Placement of Code

To improve the chances of AdSense success, Google will allow you to place the code on the page in three different places on the page. It’s a good idea to use all of those instances because that will maximize the ads exposure to your visitors. However, don’t use them all in the same place on every page. The top of the page and the left-hand column are two of the best locations. However, there’s nothing wrong with repeating the ads at the bottom or having your content wrap around the ads. Remember the overall goal is to have your site visitors see those ads so they will click on the links.

Keep a Positive Outlook

One of the biggest obstacles to AdSense success is the negative attitude some users have about the ads. For example, you might be concerned that your visitors are fleeing your site and instead going to these other sites. The reality is that your ads are not competition. Instead, they are working with you to attract and keep the interest of visitors. If you don’t offer something visitors want, by offering them an outlet to get what they do want then you are still making a positive impression on that targeted traffic. As a result, they are likely to come back to your site.

Keep Tweaking

Another way to achieve AdSense success is by continually tweaking your content so that you can continue having the best ads possible. You don’t want to just write the content and be satisfied with whatever results you get. If you’re serious about achieving AdSense success, you definitely need to look at the results of the tracking and determine how you can improve the results by making changes in your keyword optimization or maybe rewording some of the content.

The important thing with the content you use along with the ads is that they are a good match. When you’re putting in targeted traffic, you are going to have a better chance of getting clicks on the ads that are targeted to the same audience.

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AdSense Foul Ups - Where Did I Go Wrong?

Posted by admin on Jan 17 2009 | AdSense

There is a common myth that simply putting AdSense on your website will get you some instant cash. If you are one of the millions who have tried this….you know it’s not that easy. Many people simply create the ads and place the code on their site without giving them another thought.

There are many ways to customize your AdSense ads. First, you want to think about location. Where is the best place to put your ads? Top? Middle? Bottom? Locations is one of the most important factors in AdSense. The best locations are just below the header, the upper right hand sidebar (if you have one), and directly in the center of the visible page (the user doesn’t have to scroll). Also, another great place is directly at the bottom in the center, this gives your users a place to go.

Next you need to think about style. One of the last things you want is a border. This separates the ad from your text and makes a visual stopping point when reading your page. When creating the ad, always make the background and border the same color, this eliminates it. Speaking of backgrounds, where ever you are placing the ad, make sure it’s background color is the same as the background color you are using. If you have different areas with different background colors, change it for each ad.

The tile link should be the same color as all other title links in your site/area you are working with. This will draw the surfer’s eyes to it as a clickable link. The text should be the same color as the text you are working with. Also, the little URL at the bottom should be the same color as the text.

Now, if you’ve paid attention, you’ll notice the same theme in the paragraphs above. Make the AdSense blend in with your site with the exact same colors of your site. Instead of thinking of them as ads, think of them as small areas of important text related to your site. People have developed “Banner Blindness” and anything that looks like an ad will not get any attention or clicks, people simply don’t see them anymore.

A few more tips, I would avoid image ads when it comes to AdSense. Unless your site has mostly clickable images…Also, maximize your AdSense. Currently, you are allowed 3 text ads, 3 Adlink units; and so on…these are the two I use. Make sure you use them all.

The Adlink units are best placed in navigational areas. Again, make sure the background and border are the same as what your are using in the area they are to be placed. Also, don’t forget the link color should be the same as the other links. If you have vertical navigation, place the AdSense below, above or between the other links. If you have horizontal navigation, you can place it above or below.

Try to get the same size of font as you are using. There are only two sizes, which are determined by the amount of link units. If you have 4 links in the unit, the font will be larger, if you choose 5 links, the font will be smaller. Also consider underlining your links so that they match Google’s.

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How to Optimize Your AdSense Websites With Tags and Increase Your Clickthroughs

Posted by admin on Jan 17 2009 | AdSense

Many webmasters and even gurus know that placing AdSense on certain sites can generate a sizeable source of additional revenue. But what they know best is how to optimize those sites to get visitors by their use of tags.

Tags include your title tags, your content tags, your keyword tags and your description tags. Where these tags are placed and how you label them can mean the difference between a dead site or a happy site. If you don’t optimize your site properly to bring in visitors then your AdSense ads will never get clicks

To get more click happy traffic to your AdSense ads you’ll need to make sure and optimize all of your tags for the search engines. Proper tags can increase your traffic and your click troughs by as much as 25-30%…so I encourage you to take the time to make sure and properly optimize all of your tags.

Your Title Tags

Your title tag simply tells the search engines what your page is about. Whenever you go to a site you’ll notice the title of the page on the tabs where the page opens. For example: if you type in when the page loads your will see “Chase Personal Banking Investments” in the title tab at the top of the page. “Chase Personal Banking Investments” is the title tag that has been inserted into the HTML code on the page.

With your AdSense websites you need to be inserting title tags that are relevant to your page so that the search engines can assign relevance to your websites. Write a title tag that both the search engines and your visitors will love and you will get clicks on your AdSense ads.

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t bother to include a title tag at all and when their pages load their visitors (and the search engines) will see an ugly and unsightly “untitled document” as the page title.

YUCK! This is a huge mistake and it makes you and your website look unprofessional and careless. Your title tag is prime real estate for your AdSense websites and you should use it heavily.

Your title tag is easy to find and easy to change in the HTML source of your website. On most pages it is found right below the tag in the source code and it would look like this:
title PLACE YOUR TITLE HERE WITH YOUR KEYWORDS /title (title and /title are between <>)

Where it says “PLACE YOUR TITLE HERE WITH YOUR KEYWORDS” you do exactly that! Type in your own title that you want to appear when the page opens and with keywords that are relevant to your website.

Hint: keep your title tag under 70 characters and put your main keywords near the beginning of your title.

Your Meta Tags

You should always be adding meta tags into the HTML of your pages. When you create a lot of keyword rich content pages for your AdSense Websites you can add these keywords into the meta tags of each page so that visitors will land on these specific pages when they’re searching.

Add meta tags to your site like this:

META NAME=”description”CONTENT=”xxxxDescriptionxxxx” (all enclosed in < > )

META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”xxxx, xxxx, xxxx” (all enclosed in < > )

META NAME=”robots” CONTENT=”FOLLOW.INDEX” (all enclosed in < > )

The meta tags would be placed BEFORE the title tag on each of your webpages. Here is how the meta tags would look on each page. These are all simple to insert HTML coding. Now, here’s what you’ll need to do to change these meta tags for your own AdSense websites and webpages.

Line 1: Replace xxxDescriptionxxx with a brief keyword rich description of your website.

Line 2: Replace xxxx, xxxx, xxxx with your keywords or keyphrase separated by the commas.
Make sure that the keywords you use on each page are relevant to the content of that page.

The third line does not need to be changed!

These few simple changes to the HTML coding of your AdSense websites can be extremely effective and get more visitors to your websites and webpages which means more AdSense money.

Changing or editing the HTML code on a website can sometimes be a little intimidating and scary. Maybe you’re unsure how to add HTML coding or just don’t want to mess around with it. If that’s the case then you might consider pre-made AdSense Templates that already have the proper Search Engine Optimized tags in place.

Try one out for free and see what you think. There’s even video tutorials on how to get these AdSense Templates set up and installed easily. Take the stress out of the techie stuff and make building your virtual real estate empire easy on yourself.

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Earning With Google AdSense - Hot Tips

Posted by admin on Jan 16 2009 | AdSense

Do you want to earn from your website or blog? Definitely every webmaster wants to earn online. You can earn from Google AdSense if you have a website or blog. Earning $$ with Google AdSense is not tough at all. It will only take few minutes to apply for Google AdSense account. But you should read AdSense terms and conditions before opening your account. You just need to fill up the form asking for details like website url, language, payment details and home address. After, you account is approved you can get html code to place on your website or blog. This will result in appearing ads on your website /blogs. But this earning is not high while you have just started with it.

However, earning will increase day by day and it is based upon how you market your blog and it is recommended to market your blog following AdSense terms and conditions. You can’t request your visitors to click on Google ads anywhere on your website. Quality organic traffic will definitely increase chances of earning.

Earning with Google AdSense needs lot of patience and you can handle your website in different ways. You can sell products there by displaying products reviews like selling laptops, e-books, mobile, TVs etc. All this is based upon how you market your blog to get targeted traffic.

Here are some tips I would like to share with you for increasing income with Google AdSense.

1. After getting approval for Google AdSense account. Add this line in robot.txt file.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:

This will make sure to display relevant ads on your website matching with content.

2. Your ad should look like a normal content. Use color palette for choosing color which matches with your website colors.

3. Don’t use on pages with no content, pop-up windows and pages with errors.

4. There should be maximum two search boxes, two referral buttons and one ad link on each page.

5. It is better to add 250×250 on top left corner of each page and wrap the text around ads to make it part of the page. This will increase click through rate.

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Tips on Searching the Highest Paid Google Ad Keyword

Posted by admin on Jan 16 2009 | AdSense

The truth is, there is  a simple way to attract targeted visitors, hypnotize your visitors to click on your advertisements, and change how Google AdSense presents a high value advertisement on your website or blog. The result is that more and more “Targeted” visitors will be visiting your website or web blog, they will be greeted with Google AdSense advertisements that are very high in value and they will be almost hypnotized to click on them. When you first start, the value per click may be just $0.01 to $0.50. However, the value will gradually improve based upon your niche market. As you are getting more familiar with the techniques that you will be learning in a few minutes, it could go up to perhaps more than $20.00 and even more. Also, it could go even higher as it is dependent upon the market atmosphere. For those who don’t have a clue what Google AdSense keywords are, don’t worry. They are just the keywords that advertisers are targeting with their advertisements.

Before you start your journey of success in Google AdSense, below is the common questions you need to answer. If you don’t know anything about some, that’s normal, that’s why you are reading this article. However, by the time you can answer the following questions, you will be on your way to earning a phenomenal AdSense profit.

i.    What are Google AdSense Keywords,

ii.   Why are they so important to making money,

iii.  Where can I find the highest paying AdSense keywords,

iv.  How do I achieve phenomenal profit from Google AdSense,

v.   Does it matter if I have a blog, not a website, and

vi.  Should I build a new site or blog around the top paying AdSense keywords.

Google AdSense Keyword

According to Google:

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website’s content pages and earn money.”

So, what is AdSense? If you have been searching online everyday through website,blog, and etc, you should probably have already seen Google Ads in a lot of websites. The example of Google AdSense advertisements can be recognised easily. Usualy it will be labeled as “Ads by Google.”

Google’s Criteria for Displaying Keywords

the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts.” In other words, it is based upon the CONTENT of your website.

Lets say that you are the owner of a website or blog called which is provides information related to the keyword “mydomain“. What you need to do is writing an articles (a few articles) related to the topic “mydomain” keyword, post it onto your website or blog. After that, applying all of the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that you can think or search online. Finally,  your website/blog starting to get more traffic. Remember, keep on writing a new articles.

After a couple of months, you will see the results:

(using lower cost per click $0.30)

  1. Average visitors per day                           5000
  2. Average click through rate                       1.00%
  3. Numbers of click per day                         50
  4. Average revenue per click                        $0.30
  5. Average revenue per day                          $15.00
  6. Average revenue per year                        $5,475.00

Now, let’s see if you’re using a higher cost per click keyword $15.00 related to your website/blog “mydomain

  1. Average visitors per day                           5000
  2. Average click through rate                       1.00%
  3. Numbers of click per day                         50
  4. Average revenue per click                        $15.00
  5. Average revenue per day                          $750.00
  6. Average revenue per year                        $273,750.00

See the difference? Is it possible? Yes it is. I’ll give you some of the high paid AdSense keyword that I just search: (November 12,2008)”hsbc direct” - $33.09

“hsbc online saver” - $22.92

“webhosting reviews” - $24.05

“best web hosting” - $23.55

“car insurance quotes” - $39.74

“life insurance quote” -$38.71

If your execution is right, Google will display high paying ads based on the relevance of your content. However, don’t just build a site with tons of keywords and try to fool Google, they will ban your account for sure. Also, please remember that the higher the price of the keyword, the more its chance of being displayed will be diminished.

So, where can you find high paying AdSense keyword?

You can get top paying AdSense keywords three different ways: free online lists, fee-based keyword databases, and the fee-based keyword databases that update frequently.

I’ll suggest the 1st option. FREE ONLINE LIST and this tool is totally free from Google itself.

Article Source:

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